FM Yokohama wacci members accept calls! ? FM Yokohama on December 5th (Monday) wacci will be a teleop & one-day jack!

FM Yokohama
wacci members accept calls! ? FM Yokohama on December 5th (Monday) wacci will be a teleop & one-day jack!
December 5 (Mon) 6:00-23:20

FM Yokohama (84.7MHz) on December 5th (Monday), titled “‘wacci Hall Tour 2022 ~Boost! wacci appears in all programs up to “YOKOHAMA RADIO APARTMENT Door Open!”. In addition, members will accept special phone reservations for tickets for the “wacci Hall Tour 2022 ~Boost!~” Kanagawa performance that will be held on this day.
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FM Yokohama will hold “‘wacci Hall Tour 2022 ~Boost!~’ Teleop 1DAY SPECIAL” on Monday, December 5th. Yohei Hashiguchi, the DJ of Yohei Hashiguchi’s “YOKOHAMA RADIO APARTMENT Door Open!”, which is broadcast every Monday from 22:00 to 23:20, will appear on all live wide programs. We would like to hear about various topics such as the new album “suits me!
The programs that will appear are “Just right radio” (6:00-9:00 / DJ: Mitsuho), “Lovely Day” (9:00-12:00 / DJ: Sayaka Kondo), “Kiss & Ride” (12 : 00-15:00), “Tresen” (15:00-19:00 / DJ: Teppei Uematsu, Saku), “PRIME TIME” (19:00-21:50 / DJ: Haruhisa Kurihara, manatie) One program and the regular program “YOKOHAMA RADIO APARTMENT Door Open!” In parallel with this performance, a special telephone reservation for tickets for the Kanagawa performance of “wacci Hall Tour 2022 ~Boost!~” will be held at Kanagawa Prefectural Hall Large Hall on Saturday, January 7th. Tickets can be purchased with a single phone call. For this special phone reservation, wacci members also participate in the phone reception in rotation. It is a special phone reservation that perhaps a member may appear.
The song “Koidaro” released this spring won the 64th Japan Record Award “Excellent Work Award”, and the unusual “teleop” project delivered by wacci who can’t keep an eye on it. Please check it out and join us live.
In addition, on Saturday, December 17, wacci will participate in the event “Route 847” (16 : 00-18:30 / DJ: Satoshi Shibata) will be appearing as a guest on the public live broadcast. Among the public live broadcasts, there are also live performances. Admission is free, so please check it out.
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FM Yokohama
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FM Yokohama is an FM radio station in Kanagawa Prefecture. You can listen to the frequency 84.7MHz, all over the Kanto region.
Please listen on radiko (!/live/YFM) from your computer or smartphone.
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