Focal Point Co., Ltd. Shokz OpenRun Pro and OpenMove won the category gold prize at VGP 2023. Other Shokz bone conduction earphones also won category awards.

Focal Point Co., Ltd.
Shokz OpenRun Pro, OpenMove win category gold prize at VGP 2023. Other Shokz bone conduction earphones also won category awards.
OpenRun Pro 2nd Consecutive Gold Award, OpenMove 5th Consecutive Gold Award Winner!

Shokz’s Japanese distributor Focal Point Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that each product of the bone conduction earphone Shokz has won awards in each category, including the gold award, at “VGP 2023”, one of the largest audio and visual awards in Japan. .
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Focal Point Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President: Hideki Onda, hereinafter Focal Point) is one of the largest audio and visual equipment awards in Japan sponsored by Ongen Publishing Co., Ltd. At VGP 2023, Shokz We are pleased to announce that the bone conduction earphones OpenRun Pro and OpenMove have won the gold award, and other products have also won awards in each category.
List of representative award-winning products
[Table 2: ]

Shokz OpenRun Pro
Bone conduction earphone (over 20,000 yen) Category Gold Award Compared to conventional bone conduction earphones, OpenRun Pro achieves deep bass reproduction, has a long battery life of 10 hours, supports quick charging, and has undergone significant functional improvements. In the crowdfunding that was held, we collected a total of 194,593,759 yen, the highest total support in GREEN FUNDING history (the highest support amount as of June 2022).
[Image 2d36256-306-375128359b9dc9023851-2.jpg&s3=36256-306-61c3a79b5c09ce9d393602a2fe1111c4-1800x980.jpg
Shokz OpenRun
Bone conduction earphone (10,000 yen or more and less than 20,000 yen) Category Award
A standard model with high audio quality that overturns the concept of bone conduction, high dustproof and waterproof performance, good wearability that fits your ears, an 8-hour long-lasting battery, and a quick charging function. With four color variations of Black, Grey, Blue, and Red, it is also characterized by its high design that can be used in various situations such as sports and business.
[Image 3d36256-306-d9c135e763b7db26e35c-1.jpg&s3=36256-306-ed73ec017f94378ae7bfaf2d2ea89fb5-1800x980.jpg
Shokz OpenMove
Bone conduction earphone (10,000 yen or more and less than 20,000 yen) Category Gold Award
Entry model that appeared in September 2020. Appeared at a price that is easy to pick up so that you can easily experience the “bone conduction technology” of Shokz products. It can be used in various scenes such as sports, workout, office, kitchen, etc.
[Image 4d36256-306-8df6e82f2c66b68b0a29-3.jpg&s3=36256-306-0cd38270cddd8fbf102f83b4f46d8210-1800x980.jpg

Shokz OpenComm UC
Bone conduction earphone (over 20,000 yen) category award
Equipped with a movable boom microphone, it is a product that bundles a Loop 100 Bluetooth adapter with OpenComm, which is ideal for remote work online conferences, LINE calls, and general telephone line calls. Using an adapter enables a more stable connection when using online conference tools. We provide a seamless communication experience without worrying about sound interruptions.
[Image 5d36256-306-62b5b8f8aa575525c75c-0.jpg&s3=36256-306-20d8174996ea6b6d530567fab661e07c-1800x980.jpg

Other Awards
A total of 10 models of Shokz (formerly AfterShokz) products were awarded in the bone conduction earphone category.
Bone conduction earphone (10,000 yen or more and less than 20,000 yen) category award | Aeropex
Bone conduction earphone (10,000 yen or more and less than 20,000 yen) category award | Aeropex Play
Bone conduction earphone (10,000 yen or more and less than 20,000 yen) category award | Air
Bone conduction earphone (10,000 yen or more and less than 20,000 yen) category award | Xtrainerz
Bone conduction earphone (less than 10,000 yen) category award | Titanium (Titanium)
Buying Shokz Products
For Shokz products handled by focal points, we recommend that you purchase them from the Shokz official, focal point online shops, and the shops shown below (and the online shops of the listed shops). When purchasing, please be sure to check the official store before purchasing.
List of authorized dealers
About VGP
The VGP is one of the largest audiovisual awards in Japan, in which “must-buy” products are selected through a rigorous professional review by critics who are familiar with the appeal of audiovisual equipment and leading retailers nationwide. VGP judges consisting of 10 critics who are active in many media such as specialized magazines, and leading dealers nationwide who check the product quality every day participate. Product categories include “video audio products” such as 4K organic EL/LCD TVs and Blu-ray recorders, “pure audio products” such as speaker systems and audio players, and “lifestyle products” such as earphones/headphones, wireless speakers, smartphones and PCs. is judged across a wide range of fields, and only the best-selling items selected by professionals can win the honor of the award. Started in 1987, the competition is now selected twice a year: the VGP at the end of the year and the VGP SUMMER at the beginning of summer. VGP2023 special site
About Shokz
Shokz was born on October 18, 2011 in the United States as AfterShokz. We have applied for more than 1000 patents since our founding, providing the best audio experience, safety and comfortable wearing environment with our unique audio technology and complete open ear design. Shokz product development always prioritizes user safety, and has a lineup of innovative products that can be used in various scenes, such as OpenRun Pro, OpenComm, and OpenSwim. We support your lifestyle innovation and continue to develop bone conduction earphones for a more prosperous future. Shokz’s bone conduction earphones have received GOOD DESIGN, Red Dot Design Award, etc. As a leading company of bone conduction earphones, they have been highly evaluated in various fields such as sales performance, design and performance. About focal points
Focal Point Co., Ltd., established in 1989, is an import trading company that handles excellent products from around the world. We sell and support domestically, mainly accessories for iPhone and iPad, and peripheral devices for Mac.
Focal Point Company Profile
Company name: Focal Point Co., Ltd.
Location: NU Kannai Building 6F, 223-1 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture 231-0023
Representative: Hideki Onda
Established: 1989
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*Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. *Please note that we are not responsible for any damage, damage, malfunction, loss, etc. of the computer itself, iPhone, iPad, iPod, or other peripheral devices due to the use of our products. increase.

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