Focus Studio Co., Ltd. Meisho Optical Releases Mount Adapter TTArtisan M-Z 6bit (Leica M Mount Lens to Nikon Z Mount Conversion) that Recognizes Leica 6bit Codes

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Focus Studio Co., Ltd.
Meisho Optical Releases Mount Adapter TTArtisan M-Z 6bit (Leica M Mount Lens to Nikon Z Mount Conversion) that Recognizes Leica 6bit Codes
The focal length of the attached lens can be recorded in Exif information. You can use the trap focus function, which is convenient for focusing.

Focal Studio Co., Ltd. will start selling Meisho Optical’s mount adapter “TTArtisan M-Z 6bit” on Friday, November 4, 2022.
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: 17,600 yen (tax included) [Image 1

The Meisho Optical TTArtisan M-Z 6bit is a mount adapter for attaching Leica M-mount lenses to Nikon Z-mount cameras. When a lens compatible with the 6-bit code system is attached, the focal length is
automatically recorded in the image as Exif information, and the “camera stabilization focal length” is automatically set for proper operation of the in-body image stabilization.
[Image 2

[Image 3

[Image 4

Significantly reduces the burden of focusing
When operating the focus ring, it is possible to use the “trap focus function*1” that automatically releases the shutter when the focus is achieved. Since the shutter is automatically released even when taking a picture with a place pin, you can easily capture a moving subject without missing a photo opportunity. If you don’t want to
automatically release the shutter, you can switch to the “focus aid display*2” that only informs you when the camera is in focus. *1 Operates by holding down the shutter button in AF-S mode. *2 Works in MF mode.
[Video 2:]

Recognize Leica’s 6-bit code and record focal length in Exif information Aperture value at the time of shooting can be recorded in Exif information (must be set manually from the camera body)
Automatically sets the image stabilization focal length of the camera body If the lens does not have a 6-bit code, the lens focal length information (135mm, 90mm, 75mm, 50mm, 35mm, 28mm) can be switched from the dial on the side of the adapter, and the dial has a click to prevent malfunction.
Supports trap focus function and focus aid display useful when focusing in MF After changing the lens (dial operation), you can easily change the recorded information with the reset button on the side of the adapter. USB dock included, firmware update possible via USB connection with a PC terminal
Weighs only 56g by using aircraft aluminum material
[ specification ]
Compatible lens mount: Leica M
Compatible Camera Mount: Nikon Z
Size: Φ65mm×16mm
Mass: about 56g

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About TT Artisan
TTArtisan is a new lens brand created by Meisho Optical, an optical manufacturer in Shenzhen. We are also developing mirrorless lenses, including high-performance Leica M-mount lenses.
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“Because I want you to feel the pleasure and joy of cameras and photography more closely.”
Focus Studio imports and sells camera supplies such as popular overseas mount adapters, camera lenses, and accessories. We continue to sell based on the concept of “good products at affordable prices”, and thanks to you, we have received high praise. We are also cooperating in the development of new mount adapters, and we would like to contribute to Japanese camera culture.


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