For a limited time only in winter, colorful and shining lamps will be released from December 1st. “teamLab Botanical Garden Osaka” (Nagai Botanical Garden), open every day during Christmas and New Year holidays.

For a limited time only in winter, colorful and shining lamps will be released from December 1st. “teamLab Botanical Garden Osaka” (Nagai Botanical Garden), open every day during Christmas and New Year holidays.

At the night outdoor museum “teamLab Botanical Garden Osaka” by teamLab, which is permanently installed in the Nagai Botanical Garden in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, the lamps floating in Oike will shine colorfully from December 1st (Thursday) for a limited time in winter. increase.
Work details: Exhibition details: [Image 1

teamLab 《Resonating Lamp Floating in Oike – Ambiguous Color》(C)teamLab The lamp changes into ambiguous colors that can only be produced by light (light in the water, water plants, sunrise, morning sky, twilight sky, peach fruit, plum fruit, Japanese iris, spring maple). . In pre-modern Japan, the combination of colors on the front and back of silk (silk at that time was thin and the lining was transparent, resulting in complex colors) and vague colors such as gradation of overlapping colors. It is a color called “Kasane no Irome” which is named after the season.
When a visitor stops near the lamp, or when the wind blows and tilts the lamp, the lamp changes color and shines brightly, emitting a tone, and the surrounding lamps respond one after another.
The art space of “teamLab Botanical Garden Osaka” changes with the four seasons of the botanical garden, and we plan to continue exhibiting works that make use of seasonal plants. It is also open during Christmas and New Year’s holidays.
Nagai Botanical Garden is located in Nagai Park, which opened in 1944 as a comprehensive park with a baseball field and other facilities. Fifty years have passed since the park opened in 1974, and now many wild birds inhabit it, and goshawks and owls can also be seen. Goshawks and owls are creatures at the top of the food chain, and it is said that they cannot survive without a healthy ecosystem. In other words, the artificially created botanical garden and the pond in the center of the big city create an ecosystem together with people, and can be said to be an artificial ecosystem in the city that includes people.
[Image 2

teamLab《Sculpture Group of Birds Dissipating in the Wind》(C)teamLab Things that humans have made up to now have a stable structure of their own, like a stone. Therefore, it will continue to exist even if it is placed in a sealed box that is cut off from the outside world. But life, unlike that, cannot sustain existence when placed in a closed box. Life itself does not have a stable structure. Life maintains an orderly structure by taking in matter and energy from the outside as food, discharging matter, and dissipating energy to the outside. The structure of life is made not by itself, but by the environment that is continuous with them. In other words, the outline of the existence of life is not the physical boundary surface of the body, but is ambiguous including the environment that is continuous with them.
The plants and trees that are exhibited at the Nagai Botanical Garden and the group of works that use the behavior of the birds that inhabit here exist because of the presence of plants and birds. The plants and birds are inseparable from the botanical garden’s forests, ponds, and ecosystems, and will not exist unless the environment is maintained. In other words, if the environment is not maintained, the work will disappear. The outline of the existence of the group of works is not the physical boundary surface of the works, but is continuous and ambiguous with respect to the surrounding environment.
Then, the work is interactively transformed by the wind and rain, and the behavior of the people who are there, making the environment and people a part of the work, people and the work, plants, forests, ponds, and ecosystems. and environment continue without boundaries. In this exhibition, teamLab hopes to explore a place where people’s consciousness spreads from the work itself to the environment. [Image 3

teamLab 《Resonating Microcosm of Camellia Garden – Solid Color of Light, Sunrise and Sunset》(C)teamLab
teamLab Botanical Garden Osaka
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Nagai Botanical Garden (1-23 Nagai Park, Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Osaka) open time:

18:00-21:45 (last entry at 20:45)
Closed: 11/28 (Mon)

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