For developing sales channels for childcare and education businesses in the western Japan area!

Messe Frankfurt Japan Ltd.
For developing sales channels for childcare and education businesses in the western Japan area!
We are looking for exhibitors for “Nursery Expo West 2023”. Held in July 2023
The Nursery Expo Executive Committee (Secretariat: Messe Frankfurt Japan Co., Ltd., President Yasushi Kajiwara) is a business negotiation trade fair that contributes to the expansion of the childcare industry market in the western Japan area. We are looking for exhibitors for The third trade fair will be held at My Dome Osaka for two days from July 19th (Wednesday) to 20th (Thursday), 2023. We will provide a platform that aims to expand sales channels for childcare products and services in the western Japan area, as well as revitalize the childcare industry.

State of the venue of “Nursery Expo West 2022″
This trade fair brings together fixtures, products, and services necessary for the opening of new childcare facilities and daily operations, and is used as an opportunity for kindergarten managers and purchasing managers to introduce new products and services, as well as a place to disseminate information. I’m here. Since the first event, the scale has gradually expanded, and in 2022, 92 companies and organizations welcomed 1,426 people from the industry, mainly nursery schools, kindergartens, and children’s institutions. Childcare workers, operation supporters, and government officials accounted for 50.6% of the total number of visitors. In 2023, we will further expand the content and provide a place for business negotiations to create new encounters.
■ Voices of exhibitors in 2022
Teramoto Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells cleaning products and environmental beautification products, said, “We are very satisfied with the number of visits to our booth, which is 30% higher than last time. I was able to get hints for product development, and it was a very valuable opportunity.” Sanwa Match Co., Ltd., which has been exhibiting continuously since the first event in Tokyo in 2019, said, “We have many visitors from nursery schools and government agencies every year, so we decided to exhibit in 2022 without hesitation.” Also, P&G Japan G.K., which exhibited for the first time, said, “Despite being held in Osaka, we were very satisfied with the number of visitors from Kyushu, Chugoku, Shikoku, and Okinawa. It was a valuable opportunity to meet many people. , I definitely want to exhibit next time,” commented. Nursery Expo West has demonstrated its presence as a platform for market expansion in the western Japan area, which has 41% of all childcare facilities nationwide.
Please check the latest information on “Nursery Expo West 2023” below. Trade fair official website:
Trade fair official Facebook page: ■Overview
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