Forit Co., Ltd. Global affiliate service Webridge adopted by SME Organization “ebiz” Total support for cross-border EC business as an EC utilization support partner

Forit Co., Ltd.
Global affiliate service [Webridge] adopted by SME organization “ebiz” Total support for cross-border EC business as EC utilization support partner
-For it, the second certification following [Cross-border EC support service]-
Forit Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that the global affiliate service [Webridge] was adopted in October 2022 in the “EC Utilization Support Partner System” stipulated by the Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan (hereinafter referred to as SME Support). increase.
Our [Cross-border EC support service] has already been adopted in March 2022, and this is the second service certification.
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Cross-border EC support service: Webbridge:
This time, we have received the second service certification as an “EC utilization support partner” specified by the Small and Medium Enterprise Organization, and will continue to strive to support cross-border EC support projects for small and medium-sized
enterprises and small businesses as a partner company of the organization. I will continue to do so.
In addition to the [cross-border EC support service], by using [Webridge], which was adopted this time, we will support not only performance-based test marketing and sales channel development start-ups, but also sales expansion after overseas expansion. Please feel free to contact us.
Market size
・EC market
According to Statista, which handles statistical data for more than 150 countries around the world, the global market is expected to reach approximately $5.72 trillion (approximately 836 trillion yen) in 2022, and approximately $8.15 trillion (approximately 1,191 trillion dollars) in 2026. yen), and the market is expected to continue to expand steadily in the future. *1
・Affiliate market
According to Influencer Marketing Hub, the global market is estimated to be about 13 billion dollars (about 1.90 trillion yen) in 2022, and will continue to grow to about 15.7 billion dollars (about 2.29 trillion yen) in 2024. We have the forecast data. *²
Business history
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Since 2006, at the dawn of the domestic affiliate marketing market, we have been providing affiliate service [afb] for the domestic market. Prior to the release of [Webridge], we started overseas support business in 2017, which is a transitional period for the cross-border EC market, and established local subsidiaries in Taiwan in 2018 and Malaysia in 2020.
Starting with Taiwan, we have provided total support necessary for Japanese companies to expand overseas, mainly in Southeast Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Business introduction
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In addition to our main affiliate business, we are developing services centered on cross-border EC business, KOL/influencer business, SNS business, App business, advertising business, and media business. It is a service to support entry into Japan.
Please refer to the end of each service summary document. *³ By proposing appropriate localization and marketing strategies tailored to the local market and supporting overseas expansion from a glocal (global + local) perspective, we act as a bridge between Japanese and overseas companies, expanding recognition of Japanese brands and crossing borders. We will contribute to the growth of the EC market.
What is the EC utilization support partner system?
In order for the Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan (Small and Medium Enterprises Organization) to collaborate with businesses that support the introduction of EC (support businesses) for the purpose of improving sales channel development by utilizing EC, etc. by small and medium-sized
enterprises and small businesses refers to the network built in One of the important roles expected of partner support businesses selected under this system is their willingness to contribute to the growth and development of SMEs through the use of e-commerce and their willingness to actively cooperate.
・ List of EC utilization support partners: What is the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan (Small and Medium Enterprise Agency)?
As the core implementing agency of the government’s small and medium enterprise policy, it provides a wide range of support menus according to the growth stage of companies, from the start-up and start-up stage to the growth stage and maturity stage.
On the EC utilization portal site “ebiz” operated by the organization, it is possible to check the outline of the services provided by each support company that has been certified as an EC utilization support partner.
*1: Statista “Retail e-commerce sales worldwide from 2014 to 2025” *²: Influencer Marketing Hub “Affiliate Marketing Benchmark Report 2022” *³: Each service summary document
・Cross-border EC support service ・Shopee operation support service ・Lazada operation support service ・SNS operation support service
・Webridge Ads for apps Company Profile
Company name: Forit Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takeharu Yoshizawa, President and CEO
Location: E Space Tower 9F, 3-6 Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Capital: 10 million yen (as of the end of April 2022)
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