Forit Co., Ltd. Singer-songwriter x NFT “sae” sells limited collaboration NFT with NFT radio program “NFT MUSIC FM”

Forit Co., Ltd.
[Singer-songwriter x NFT] “sae” sells limited collaboration NFT with NFT radio program “NFT MUSIC FM”

Media Equity Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo;
Representative Director: Seiichiro Kabashima; hereinafter referred to as “Media Equity”), which has entered into a capital and business alliance with Forit Co., Ltd., is co-creating with various
stakeholders such as creators and content holders. For the purpose of spreading and developing NFT by, singer-songwriter “sae” and NFT radio program “NFT MUSIC FM” limited collaboration music NFT will be sold from 21:00 on Tuesday, November 8, 2022 to November 2022. It will be held until 23:59 on the 30th (Wednesday).
What is “sae”
Born August 26th, 1998. Born in Tokyo. Singer-songwriter who plays the guitar. Easy-to-understand straightforward lyrics, catchy melodies, and a lovely singing voice that you won’t forget once you hear it. I started playing the guitar when I was a freshman in high school. The first time he touched it in a music class, he said that the teacher was always there to teach him. Her music began in such a fumbling state, but in October 2018, it will bear fruit in the form of selling the 1st album “Bloom” at Tower Records Shibuya store Tawakuru corner. The album topped the sales rankings for five consecutive weeks, and in December of the same year, a long-selling in-store live performance was held. Furthermore, in March 2019, Tower Records Shibuya limited CD “Kimi ga Ita Kara” was released. On November 4, 2019, the one-man live from Reco held at Shibuya eggman ended with a sold-out ticket. Also, on the same day, he released his first nationwide distribution single “Strawberry”, an artist who is gaining momentum.
The first music NFT information program in Japan that started in June 2022. We introduce the latest trend news related to NFT, and provide close-up information on NFT musicians, NFT creators, and NFT songs. Every time, we invite seasonal artists and creators as guests and play new music collaborations.
program page
Official Twitter
Official YouTube
Interview with “sae” (partial excerpt)
I’m not familiar with NFT myself, so when I received this offer, I thought it would be popular in Japan in the future! I felt very attractive to be involved in content that has not yet penetrated, and I participated this time! It’s a song that was released last year, but I personally like to sing this song by playing and singing, so I wanted to make it into a sound source, so I made it into an NFT this time! Some of you didn’t even know about NFT! I think there are a lot of people who say. Please take this opportunity to enjoy NFT to your heart’s content! We are waiting for a lot of impressions!
▼ Click here for the full interview
What is the NFT issuing service “HEXA”?
It is a proven service that allows anyone to easily issue and sell NFTs such as tweets, illustrations and image works. NFT purchasers can set their name and Twitter link in the holder field, so not only can the NFT issuer recognize them as a holder, but they can also prove that they bought it in the fan community. increase. In addition, HEXA’s unique spoofing countermeasure mechanism has been introduced, making it a service that both issuers and purchasers can use with peace of mind. In addition, you can easily purchase and bid in Japanese yen, making it a service that even those who have no knowledge of virtual currency or blockchain can easily participate. NFT issuance application (easy 30 seconds) Service page
Company Profile
Company name: Media Equity Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Seiichiro Kabashima
Location: Shinagawa South Tower, 4-4-17 Minamishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Capital: 16,232,000 yen
Business: Digital NFT issuance and sales service business, blockchain game development and operation business
Company name: Forit Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takeharu Yoshizawa, President and CEO
Location: E Space Tower 9F, 3-6 Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Capital: 10 million yen (as of the end of April 2022)
Business description: Performance technology network business, Internet advertising agency business, media business, overseas cross-border EC business, CRO business, site M&A business, influencer DX business
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