Forval Co., Ltd. Investigating the actual situation of small and medium-sized business owners, formulating environmental policies and setting goals!

Forval Co., Ltd.
Realities of small and medium-sized business owners Investigating policy formulation and target setting for environmental initiatives! -Blue Report mini December issue-

Forval Co., Ltd., a next-generation management consultant group with the philosophy of “FOVAL to create a new world with ‘new commonplace'” (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Masanori Nakajima, Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market (security code) : 8275) hereinafter “Forval”) will investigate the formulation of environmental action policies and goal setting, and will publish the blue report mini December 2022 issue on November 25th.

Implementation background and purpose
On October 3, 2022, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida delivered a policy speech to the 210th session of the Diet. Among them, it was pointed out that we will strengthen our efforts in four fields, namely science and technology/innovation, startups, GX, and DX, as “investment for growth and initiatives for reform.” GX is currently being tackled mainly by large companies, but it is also an unavoidable theme for small and medium-sized companies. This is because there are cases where consideration for environmental and social issues is the basis for investment, and there are cases where large companies require their business partners to take action throughout the entire supply chain. We have summarized the actual situation of SMEs by conducting a survey on the status of initiatives for GX.
●For details of this report, please click here. table of contents
1. Attitude toward environmental initiatives
 Whether or not the organization has an environmental policy (environmental management policy)
2. Understanding CO2 emissions
 Whether or not the amount of CO2 emissions in the company’s domain (Scope 1/Scope 2) is ascertained
3. Goal setting for environmental management
3-1. Whether or not the elements that affect the environment are identified and understood
3-2. Whether or not there are items to be addressed as an organization 3-3. Presence or absence of goal setting for initiatives
Four. Efforts to reduce CO2
Details of environmental activities that lead to CO2 reduction Five. summary
Overview of this report
1. Attitude toward environmental initiatives
When asked about the status of SMEs’ efforts toward environmentally friendly management, more than 90% of the companies have not yet formulated an environmental policy, nor have they made it clear both inside and outside the company. I was. It has been a long time since the importance of environmental management was pointed out, but the reality is that efforts to reflect this in company management have not progressed much.
2. Understanding CO2 emissions
In the survey, we asked if they were aware of their direct and indirect emissions related to their company’s emissions. 729 companies (72.8%) answered that they had not yet grasped the actual situation. On the other hand, only 7.5% of companies grasped the amount of usage numerically.
3. Goal setting for environmental management
Here, we ask whether the elements that affect the environment have been identified, whether the items to be addressed as an organization have been determined, and if there are items to be addressed, whether targets (environmental targets) have been formulated. I heard. The answers to all the questions show that the majority of companies still do not consider environmental initiatives. This survey revealed that small and medium-sized enterprises are lagging behind in environmental management initiatives.
About Forval Co., Ltd.
Forval (capital: 4,150 million yen, TSE prime market [security code: 8275]), a next-generation management consultant group that supports corporate management and a leading player in DX advisors for small and medium-sized companies, Our core business is consulting services that specialize in the five fields of “information and communications,” “overseas,” “environment,” “human resources and education,” and “entrepreneurship and business succession,” targeting small and medium-sized enterprises. For details, please refer to the website (
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Company name: Forval Co., Ltd.
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