Four Seasons Japan Delivering blissful “sleep”, comfortable sleep and rest of mind and body

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[Four Seasons Japan] Delivering blissful “sleep”, comfortable sleep and rest of mind and body
Providing a space of ultimate healing and comfort

At three Four Seasons hotels in Japan (Four Seasons Hotel Marunouchi Tokyo (Location: Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo Ote (Location: Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto (Location: Myohoin Maegawa-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto) , Leveraging the experience of welcoming many guests, we provide services and amenities to achieve a comfortable sleep and rest of the mind and body, and we are devising various ways to ensure a good night’s sleep.
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Tokyo, with its impressive modern and sophisticated streets, and Kyoto, an ancient capital with a strong atmosphere of temples and shrines. The charms of these two cities are something that you can’t get enough of when you visit. In order to actively explore many attractions, it is important to create conditions that are energetic and full of vitality.
At Four Seasons, we offer services that invite you to a good night’s sleep so you can regain your energy for a new day.
Comfortable Four Seasons Beds for restful sleep
By reviewing various factors such as the external environment and bedding, the quality of sleep can be improved, and the good
performance of the day can be demonstrated from the moment you wake up. At Four Seasons, we have prepared a sleeping environment that will heal the tiredness of the day and welcome a comfortable morning for active sightseeing in unfamiliar places and business trips that require a lot of movement.
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The most important bed environment for a comfortable sleep. Beds at Four Seasons hotels feature unique, custom-made mattresses that have been well received by guests around the world. The mattress uses independent pocket coils, and since these multiple coils support the body at points, it fits the entire body, and even when you toss and turn, vibrations are less likely to be transmitted, allowing you to fall asleep in a natural position. . It also includes proprietary temperature control technology, which can be expected to release moisture during sleep.
In addition, all Four Seasons hotels around the world use common mattress toppers, so you can always experience the same comfort no matter where you are in the world. You can choose the hardness of the mattress topper according to your preference, so please feel free to contact us with your request.
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bed making
The Four Seasons beds are also made with ingenuity to ensure a comfortable stay. Luxurious 300-thread-count dobby satin sheets are tucked in with 20cm of legroom for easy leg movement. At Four Seasons, we call this the “Izzie Fold,” after current Chairman and CEO Isadore Sharp.
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linen and pillows
Four Seasons Hotel linens envelop you in dreamlike luxury. The duvet that supports a fluffy sleep and the sheets are made of the finest weave fabric called 300 thread count, which is fine and smooth to the touch. There are 4 types of pillows for different purposes on the bed, and you can freely choose from the pillows that fit your neck and head. In addition, each Four Seasons hotel offers more detailed pillows, so please contact us to meet your needs.
Sleep in the sky at Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo Otemachi

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guest room
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When you return to your guest room after a long day, we have created an environment where you can relax both physically and mentally. Our turndown service transforms your room into night mode, arranging for a natural introduction to deep sleep.
You can listen to two types of playlists selected by Spa & Wellness Director Faraz Tanver from Spotify in the guest room to promote sleep from healing effects. Choose from soothing and therapeutic sleep ambient music “Deep Sleep” and frequency (a seamless blend of white noise, pink noise and nature sounds).
In addition, we have prepared 6 types of pillows to meet the ideal sleeping posture of each guest.
Treatments to support sleep
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THESPA, a spa and wellness facility located high in the sky away from the hustle and bustle of the city, offers a treatment “Deep Sleep Ritual 60 minutes” that specializes in supporting deeper sleep. The massage oil uses “NEOM Sleep”, which contains 19 pure essential oils such as English lavender, sweet basil, and jasmine to calm the mind and body and prepare for a restful sleep. By slowly relaxing your head, neck, shoulders, and back, and using hot stones here and there, you will increase the parasympathetic nerves that induce sleep and relieve tension throughout the body. We also offer a 90-minute treatment in which a warm clay pack is applied to the sacral area to release deep muscles, relieve swelling and promote detoxification. At the end of the treatment, we offer “Kuromoji tea” which can be expected to have a calming effect on the mind and body and a good sleep.
In addition, various items of NEOM Sleep can be purchased at THE SPA boutique. Experience the comfort and luxury of Four Seasons at home. 60 minutes 36,700 yen / 90 minutes 46,900 yen
About Kuromoji tea
In Japan, the sedative effect of Kuromoji has been recognized since ancient times, and it was also used as a crude drug “Usho”. The kuromoji tea provided by THE SPA uses dried kuromoji leaves and twigs. You can expect the sedative effect of fragrant essential oil components (such as linalool) to soothe your nervous nerves and support a good night’s sleep.
Although it has a smoky and spicy taste, it has a refreshing aftertaste and is easy to drink, and is loved by many people. reservation
Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo Otemachi Accommodation
Telephone reservation: 03-6810-0630 (accommodation representative) Online reservation: THE SPA Treatment to support sleep
Telephone reservation: 03-6810-0660
Online reservation:
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hot spring
There is a mineral hot spring containing radium that enhances relaxation while boosting immunity. Please spend a blissful time relaxing your mind while taking care of your tired body from your trip.
guest room
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We offer a large number of bath time items that naturally invite you to a deep sleep.
Bathing with bath salts carefully selected by spa therapists, which are rich in minerals, warms the body from the core and promotes sweating, which can be expected to have a detox effect. In addition, we have prepared essential oils according to the changing seasons and seasons, so please enjoy the healing and relaxing time from herbs. Spend time immersing yourself in reading while placing your favorite drink or aroma on the bamboo bath table* made of natural materials, or spend a relaxing moment in the soft light and fantastic atmosphere from the floating lights*. please give me.
*Limited number.
Spa & Wellness
Please use the SPA in the hotel as well for physical conditioning and relaxation from the core, which supports good sleep.
We offer treatments that use seaweed rich in minerals from the sea that Japanese people have been using since ancient times, and oils extracted from baobab seeds, known as the “tree of life.”
Four Seasons Hotel Marunouchi Tokyo Book your stay
Telephone reservation: 03-5222-7222 (hotel representative)
Online reservation: Meditation with nature in the Japanese garden at Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto [Image 10

The kit includes a meditation guide, orin and incense based on the zazen method practiced in Gion and Kenninji. First of all, go out from your room to the balcony facing the pond garden with a history of 800 years, and breathe in the fresh air in front of the nature of the four seasons. While being surrounded by the scent of incense from Shoyeido, a long-established incense shop in Kyoto, ringing the clear tones of the orin three times will naturally calm your mind. Our Meditation Guide is based on Zen meditation techniques and guides you through simple ways to practice mindfulness, from correct posture to breathing techniques. By aligning the mind, body and soul, it brings you the harmony you need for a good night’s sleep.
Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto Book your stay
Telephone reservation: 075-541-8288 (hotel representative)
Online reservation: *All photos used in this release are image photos.
About Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in Japan
Travel to enjoy the four seasons of Japan at three Four Seasons hotels in Japan Tokyo, with its impressive modern and sophisticated streets, and Kyoto, an ancient capital with a strong atmosphere of temples and shrines. The charms of these two cities are something that you can’t get enough of when you visit. The three Four Seasons hotels in Otemachi, Marunouchi and Kyoto offer sophisticated dining, relaxing wellness facilities and the thoughtful, attentive service that only Four Seasons can offer, ensuring an experience you’ll never forget. Four Seasons Hotel Marunouchi Tokyo
Directly connected to the Tokyo Station underground passage, a total of 57 rooms in an urban retreat
Four Seasons Hotel Marunouchi Tokyo is a small luxury hotel with 57 rooms directly connected to the Tokyo Station underground passage. It boasts a unique train view where the Shinkansen and conventional lines come and go in front of you, and a location that is convenient for access to sightseeing spots such as theme parks as well as various parts of Tokyo. Shinkansen passengers can use the complimentary transfer service where hotel staff will meet you at the platform.
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Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo Otemachi
A sanctuary in the sky overlooking the lush forests of the Imperial Palace Enjoy 360-degree panoramic views from the top floor of Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo Otemachi. From here, take in the breathtaking views of the capital city of Tokyo. During the day, you can enjoy contrasting scenery with the Imperial Palace, Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower, and, depending on the weather, Mt. Fuji in the distance. When the sun goes down, the night view of the big city of Tokyo spreads out. Please enjoy the luxury you can taste in the city and the beautiful scenery from the upper floors.
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