FPCO Chupa Co., Ltd. FPCO Chupa, a new style that protects kiwis with egg packs! New product “NZW Kiwi Serie s” that protects kiwis even when stacked in containers will be released on November 22nd!

FPCO Chupa Corporation
FPCO Chupa, a new style that protects kiwi with an egg pack shape! New product “NZW Kiwi Series” that protects kiwis even when stacked in containers will be released on November 22nd!
-Resolving the problems of conventional kiwi containers by pursuing kiwi protection and container stackability-

FPCO Chupa Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; hereinafter referred to as FPCO Chupa), a general food container manufacturer whose main business is fruit and vegetable materials such as agricultural product packs and agricultural films, advocates “bringing the freshness of the production area to the table”. We will start selling the “NZW Kiwi Series” from November 22, 2022, which realizes labor shortage and protection of kiwi by changing the kiwi container and packaging form.
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Background of the development of the NZW Kiwi series
FPCO Chupa has a wide range of kiwi containers, such as highly designed containers with printing for kiwis, large-capacity packs for large quantities, and containers for 3, 4, 5, and 8 balls depending on the number of balls. We have launched a lineup of containers to the market. In recent years, due to the labor shortage, there has been a strong demand for labor saving at the sales floor, and in order to solve the problem, we have developed the “NZW Kiwi Series”.
The new product “NZW Kiwi Series” has a significantly different shape from conventional kiwi containers, and is specialized in protecting kiwis by preventing crushing and damage even when stacked. Taking a hint from egg packs, consumers are already aware that eggs that are vulnerable to impact are protected, and the aim is to make it easier for them to recognize the high level of protection.
In conventional kiwi containers, kiwis are often replenished and packed regardless of whether they are placed vertically or
horizontally in the container. There was a problem in protecting the kiwi because the kiwis that were in contact with each other pushed each other during stacking or taking home, which accelerated the damage of the kiwis. The “NZW Kiwi Series” eliminates this problem. Furthermore, in the “NZW Kiwi Series”, it is possible to reduce the number of staff at the sales floor due to the shortage of workers in recent years. When stacking conventional containers, there is a concern that the lower containers and the kiwi inside will be crushed. The shape of the NZW Kiwi Series, which looks like an egg carton, is strong against pressure from above, so it can be stacked in multiple layers. In addition, the top surface area is designed to be compact, combining space saving and stacking performance, realizing an increase in the amount that can be displayed on the sales floor. Labor saving has contributed to reduction of sales loss as well as reduction of the number of product stocks.
The “NZW Kiwi Series” was developed with the first priority on saving labor at the sales floor and protecting the kiwis. It is a gentle container.
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Product Features of NZW Kiwi Series
– Golden kiwi and green kiwi can be used even if the varieties and sizes are different.
・Ventilation is ensured with side ducts.
・There is no hole in the bottom surface, so fluff residue such as fruit can be prevented from falling.
・There is product protection and stacking stability due to the central pillar, and stacking display is possible.
・Recycled products made from used PET bottles. Eco mark included (product category No. 140-G).
・By using “Eco-A-PET” made from recycled PET bottles, CO2 emissions can be reduced by 30% compared to virgin raw materials.
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NZW Kiwi Series Product List
[Image 4d81943-53-c6f4c0436d0346e85b67-0.png&s3=81943-53-236dc69f1635f60de9fcacc3ded36e59-1730x151.png

What is FPCO Chupa
FPCO Chupa is a general manufacturer of food containers with a history of 47 years since its establishment as a group company of FPCO Corporation, a leading company in food packaging materials.
We operate our own branches and sales offices in 8 locations nationwide from Hokkaido to Okinawa, and utilize the FP Corporation Group’s 18 production bases nationwide, overseas affiliated factories, and a logistics network consisting of 9 distribution centers nationwide that connect them to speed up delivery. We have built a stable product supply system.
We offer a variety of package products that create a rich and delicious time in the packaging that supports everyday food… Feel a little closer to the future… And connect safety and security “from production to dining table”. .
Company Profile
Trade name: FPCO Chupa Corporation
Representative: Mitsufumi Hirata, President and Representative Director Agricultural product department manager: Eiichi Uehara, General Manager of the 2nd Sales Division
Location: Shinjuku Oak Tower 35F, 6-8-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-6035
Established: October 1973
Business: Comprehensive manufacturer of food containers
Confectionery, side dishes, bento box sales of packaging materials. Manufacture and sale of fruit and vegetable packaging materials, agricultural product packaging materials, and agricultural materials. Capital: 100 million yen
“FPCO Chupa” Official Site
FPCO Chupa Agricultural Headquarters Get Along Together website https://chupa-nosan.com/
“FPCO Chupa Agricultural Channel” YouTube page
“FPCO Chupa Agricultural Headquarters” Instagram page
“FPCO Chupa Agricultural Headquarters” Twitter page
“AgriweB” series column
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