frantolive Co., Ltd. Joint development of a new dahlia variety “Hot Pink Othello”! Flower farmers can easi ly mass-produce and operate stably

frantolive Co., Ltd.
Joint development of new dahlia variety “Hot Pink Othello”! Flower farmers can easily mass-produce and operate stably

frantolive Co., Ltd. has jointly developed a new dahlia variety “Hot Pink Othello” with Ota Hanaki Co., Ltd., Miyoshi Co., Ltd., and other companies.
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Dahlia Hot Pink Othello
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“Hot Pink Othello” is a small and affordable dahlia for general household demand, and the market transaction price is about one third of the price of a general dahlia. (In-house research by frantolive Co., Ltd.)
Conventional dahlias are expensive and have a limited shelf life, and were mainly used at events.
The size of the common dahlia is 8 to 15 cm, while the hot pink Othello is about 5 cm. In addition, we have selected varieties that have a long flower life, and we believe that it is a standard that suits modern homes.
The color is also selected for high household demand. Based on past data, frantolive, which operates a regular delivery service for general households, uses materials that were not originally selected during the breeding stage to find characteristics and colors suitable for household demand.
Flower farmers can easily mass-produce and operate stably
The feature of Hot Pink Othello is that it is easy for flower farmers to operate stably over the long term.
Conventional dahlias are limited to 15 dahlias per year.
As a result, the market price fluctuated wildly, and when the market price was falling, it was possible that the cost of cultivation was not justified.
Therefore, by reviewing the standard and creating varieties that can be mass-produced, we created a system that allows flower farmers to expect income from stable operations, even if the unit price per flower is low.
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Hot Pink Othello is a cultivation model that can be easily grown by new farmers, and the number of plants that can be harvested from one strain is more than three times that of conventional varieties, making it a highly efficient variety.
Mass production is possible, so it is possible to keep a large amount of shipments.
In addition, the price is about 1/3 of the conventional dahlia, so it is easy to buy, and the increase in the number of flower shops where you can purchase it will reduce the fluctuations in the market price, and you will be able to maintain a stable market price.
In this cycle, flower farmers can continue to earn a stable income, and it is a mechanism that stabilizes management.
The new variety “Dahlia Hot Pink Othello” has started shipping from September 23, 2022.
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