Fraudulent order detection service “O-PLUX” starts cooperation with multi-channel commerce platform “Shopify”

Fraudulent order detection service “O-PLUX” starts cooperation with multi-channel commerce platform “Shopify”
Measures against fraudulent orders in EC businesses can be introduced without system development

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Fraudulent order detection service “O-PLUX” provided by Kakko Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Hiroyuki Iwai; Securities code: 4166; hereinafter Kakko), which contributes to the creation of a safe infrastructure for online shopping. (Oplux)” has started system cooperation with the world’s largest multi-channel commerce platform “Shopify”. As a result, we are pleased to inform you that it has been newly added as a Shopify app in the “Shopify App Store”. In addition, to commemorate this initiative, we will offer a free trial of “O-PLUX” to Shopify customers who have applied by December 28, 2022.
Click here for trial inquiries: Shopify App Store Details: Background of cooperation
According to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s “FY2021 Digital Transaction Environment Improvement Project (Market Research on Electronic Commerce) (August 2022),” the Japanese consumer electronic commerce (BtoC EC) market in 2021 will be While it continues to grow to 20.695 trillion yen, an increase of 7.3% year-on-year, the amount of damage caused by “number theft damage,” in which information such as credit card numbers are stolen and used fraudulently, has already reached 20.65 billion from January to June 2022. It also extends to the yen (up 32% year-on-year). (*1) In response to this situation, in June 2022, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced the “Direction toward further
strengthening of credit card system security measures (Credit Security Measures Vision 2025)”. E-commerce business operators are required to further strengthen security measures, such as the direction of improving the usage environment in .
*1 Japan Consumer Credit Association: “Status of Incidence of Credit Card Fraud Damage (June 2022)”
Benefits of cooperation
This time, Shopify, which has been deployed in 175 countries around the world and supports merchants (operators) of various sizes, from sole proprietors to small and medium-sized enterprises and large companies, and the number of domestic introductions provided by Kakko, No. 1 (* 2) By linking the fraudulent order detection service “O-PLUX” with the system, EC operators using Shopify can introduce “O-PLUX” without system development.
Until now, in order to use fraud countermeasures by automatic linkage, it was necessary for merchants themselves to develop a system with “O-PLUX”, but with the addition of Shopify to the app, E-commerce business operators can easily implement anti-fraud measures simply by installing “O-PLUX” from the Shopify app store. As a result, system development costs and time can be reduced, and fraud countermeasures can be started easily.
*2 Tokyo Shoko Research Co., Ltd.: “Survey on the number of sites that have introduced paid fraud detection services on e-commerce sites in Japan” as of the end of May 2022
Regarding the fraudulent order detection service “O-PLUX”
O-PLUX, a fraudulent order detection service provided by Kakko, detects fraudulent orders in real time using its own examination logic that utilizes data science, and prevents credit card spoofing orders, fraudulent resale, malicious resale, deferred payment, etc. A cloud service that prevents fraudulent damage and automates examination operations.
“O-PLUX” is promoting cooperation with various EC packages / shopping carts, including the cooperation with Shopify introduced this time, and plans to expand sequentially in the future.
* Click here for details of “O-PLUX”: * Click here for details of partner companies:
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What is Shopify
Founded in Ottawa, Canada, Shopify is a world-class commerce platform that continues to update while providing all the services essential for commerce. Deployed in 175 countries around the world, under the mission of “Better commerce experience for all customers”, we will be close to customers who exist in various channels such as digital, stores, and social media to provide a more sophisticated shopping experience. We continue to update daily to provide We provide services according to various scales such as sole proprietors, small and medium enterprises, and large companies.In Japan, Blue Bottle Coffee Japan, Francfranc, JUN, Kameda Seika , NEW ERA, Soup Stock Tokyo, Tansu no Gen, WEGO, Orion Beer, KINTO, and overseas, Allbirds, Staples, etc. used by the brands of For more information, please visit
Kakko will continue to expand its collaboration with partner companies/services to make it easier for online shopping businesses to introduce fraud countermeasures, and to create an environment for safe and secure online transactions and online shopping. We will continue to contribute.
■Company Profile
Kakko Co., Ltd.
Address: 1-5-31 Motoakasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Hiroyuki Iwai, President and CEO
Established: January 28, 2011
Business description: SaaS type algorithm provision business (fraud detection service, settlement consulting service, data science service) Related Sites :
Fraud detection media “Fraud Detection Lab Fuserabo”:
Data Science Blog:
Recruitment information: Details about this release:


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