Fred’s Cafe Bakery Released on 12/1 The heart-throbbing winter has come! Seasonal drink “Chocolat Raspberry” with a rich mouthfeel and a sweet and sour accent

Hankyu Bakery Co., Ltd.
[Fred’s Cafe Bakery] [Released on 12/1] The heart-throbbing winter has come! Seasonal drink “Chocolat Raspberry” with a rich mouthfeel and a sweet and sour accent

At “FREDS CAFE + BAKERY” operated by Hankyu Bakery Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Hideki Nakamura), from Thursday, December 1, 2022, the rich sweetness of chocolate We will sell a new drink “Chocolat Raspberry” with the sourness of raspberries added seasonally.
A soothing sweetness in the cold winter.
[Image 1d89920-60-07f11f6e2d5de705599d-3.jpg&s3=89920-60-e8214b8a500e987056090d34c2afaaa9-640x448.jpg
A rich chocolate drink blended with raspberry sauce, offering a soothing sweetness this winter.
Topped with raspberry sauce and pistachio on pure white whip that reminds of snow. Sprinkle with tiny jewel-like raspberry granules for an inviting hue that enhances the holiday spirit.
Product information

[Image 2d89920-60-c88ecb89e331d8f1bbf3-5.jpg&s3=89920-60-98fccbe3cb6e924f6e84ab876e115e6d-640x448.jpg
Chocolate raspberry (hot/ice)
Price: S size only In-store dining 440 yen (tax included) / Takeaway 432 yen (tax included)
A chocolate-based drink is blended with raspberry sauce to add a sweet and sour taste to the rich sweetness. If you put it in your mouth with soft whipped cream, you can enjoy a smooth and rich mouthfeel. [Image 3d89920-60-4b4ff8cd284d6e2f571f-4.jpg&s3=89920-60-a5e9717d9ebe6c54b7752c93073843e2-640x448.jpg
Decorated with raspberry sauce and pistachio, it’s a holiday color that will make you feel better. The acidity of raspberries, which also serves as an accent, creates a thrilling taste that is only available in this season.
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About Fred’s Cafe Bakery
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It is a bakery cafe that has stores in stations Chika and Eki Naka on each Hankyu line.
The store offers freshly baked bread and a wide variety of drinks, With its highly convenient location and calm cafe space, it is also extremely comfortable.
Commuting to work or school, breakfast, lunch, or just a short break… We deliver “delicious from the heart” by blending into every scene of your daily life.
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・Fred’s Cafe Umeda: Hankyu Umeda Station 2nd floor concourse outside the central ticket gate Kyoto Line side
・Fred’s Cafe Juso: Hankyu Juso Station premises central 2nd floor passageway ・Fred’s Cafe Ibaraki: Outside the north ticket gate of Hankyu Ibarakishi Station ・Fred’s Cafe Nishinomiya Kitaguchi Branch: Hankyu Nishinomiya Kitaguchi Station Imazu Line Takarazuka bound platform
・Fred’s Cafe Rokko: Hankyu Rokko station outside the ticket gate Company Profile
Company name: Hankyu Bakery Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hideki Nakamura, President and CEO
Official website:
-Operating brand-
・Hankyu Bakery:
・ Boulangerie Ann: ・ FREDS CAFE + BAKERY: Details about this release:

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