Free Delivery First time! Dutch symposium held 50 minutes to learn about the Netherlands and the Dutch language

Small Bridge Co., Ltd.
[Free Delivery] First time! Dutch symposium held 50 minutes to learn about the Netherlands and the Dutch language
“Cafetalk Symposium”, a free online distribution provided by Japan’s largest online learning program “Cafetalk”

Small Bridge Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo;
Representative Director: Kotaro Hashizume), which operates the online learning site “Cafetalk (” that connects instructors and students around the world, will open in 2022. From 18:00 on November 9th (Wednesday), we will broadcast a free dialogue between Cafetalk staff and Cafetalk instructors for Dutch learners and those who are interested in Dutch.
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Beginners welcome! Learn about Holland and Dutch!
It is a friendly language for those who can speak English and German! Special page URL: “Cafetalk Symposium” is a free content that delivers live live discussions between instructors who provide online lessons on Cafetalk and Cafetalk staff on various themes such as learning methods and culture. It will be a free event that will be very popular with everyone who learns on Cafetalk.
In this English symposium, Annie dH
( from Holland will introduce “Dutch culture, history and food”. The symposium will be held in English and Japanese, and will be hosted by Mullen from Germany and Mei from Japan who is also a Cafetalk staff member and is learning Dutch.
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■ Date and time: November 9, 2022 (Wednesday) 18:00-(Japan time) 50 minutes ■ Viewing fee: Free Recording will be released on the official Youtube channel at a later date
■ Official YouTube channel:
■ Viewing method: Distributed on a special page on the Cafetalk site and on the Youtube channel
Viewable on PC, smartphones and tablets
■ Archive: You can watch it anytime on the Youtube channel
■ Special page: What is Cafetalk
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“Cafetalk” is Japan’s largest online service where you can take one-on-one online lessons from instructors in over 80 countries using Skype and Zoom, based on the concept of “adding spices from around the world to your everyday life”. This is a learning lesson site. In addition to language, we have a wide variety of online lessons such as music, fitness, dance, self-improvement, and private tutor lessons. -Online training and online lessons for corporations as a welfare program are being strengthened-
We have prepared a page for administrators who can see the attendance status of students in real time, and provide online lessons where you can feel the effects by cooperating with the instructors.
We can also support a style in which you can freely use fixed points, or a training style in which you attend a set number of times for a set period.
cafetalk vision
Connecting people around the world who want to teach and share knowledge with people who want to learn and acquire new skills. We aim to create a society in which people can learn from each other and have a more open perspective, thereby recognizing diverse values. Company Profile
Company name: Small Bridge Co., Ltd. ( Representative: Kotaro Hashizume, Representative Director
Location: SHIBUYA SOLASTA 3F, 1-21-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo [Customer Inquiries]
● Cafetalk support Skype:
● Feel free to contact us via chat: chat box on the bottom right of Cafetalk page
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Small Bridge Cafetalk Secretariat: Nagata
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