Free “design correction instruction mitekaku” can now be used with smartphones!

Ryuki Design Inc.
Free “design correction instruction mitekaku” can now be used with smartphones! mitekaku is free–no software required–no registration required–no knowledge required-can be used! You can check the actual size and easily give correction instructions for videos and images.

This is a system in which design configuration and correction instructions can be used regardless of the environment or knowledge. “Mitekaku” is a time-saving system that allows you to write in a short time without having to use various apps to instruct corrections. [Image

This tool “mitekaku” is a correction instruction system that can unify correction instructions from still images to videos. This time, we have updated it so that you can give correction instructions even on your smartphone, making it even more convenient to use.
-Use for free without registration-

[Video 3:] Long-tap the part where you want to write correction instructions and decide the selection range. All you have to do is write correction instructions in the text area that pops up and press OK, so even beginners can easily use this design composition tool.
In addition, by using the handwriting function, it is possible to give correction instructions more intuitively.
* Supports images and videos.
[Video 4:]

Correction instructions that have come separately from client to client can be unified, and the client can also write correction instructions without software, so the burden on correction
instructions can be reduced.
-Service use-
mitekaku, a correction instruction tool that can centrally manage design and video completion
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