Free distribution of archived viewing of the annual career festival “Protian Forum 2022”!

Free distribution of archived viewing of the annual career festival “Protian Forum 2022”!
~ 1000 applications held on August 20th, satisfaction rate of 89%, more than 30 experts on young people’s career views, women’s empowerment, athlete careers, leader development, career education, cross-border experience, major career measures Event~

Protean Career Association (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Directors: Kennosuke Tanaka, Toru Ariyama, hereinafter referred to as “this Association”) is pleased to announce that applications for viewing the archive of “Protean Forum 2022” held on August 20, 2022 have started.
Click here for the Protean Forum 2022 report (archive viewing application) ⇒ [Image

[Event overview] Event name: Protean Forum 2022
Date: Saturday, August 20, 2022, 15:00-21:00
Organizer: Protian Career Association/4designs Inc.
Holding format: Online (ZOOM) conference format
Participation fee: Free
[Archive viewing application]: [Programs provided by the archive 9 programs in total] 30 to 60 minutes [Opening session] 30 minutes
◆Cutting-edge Career Program ◆All 50 minutes
[Female Empowerment] 1-A: Maximize corporate value! Forefront of women’s empowerment
[Young people’s values] 1-B: Wakamono Nanimono Research Institute: Knowing the true intentions of young people
[Career strategy] 2-A: Career strategy starting from “likes” x “strengths” in Metaverse
[Athlete] 2-B: Career Autonomy for Athletes
[Leader development] 3-A: Develop leaders who lead teams that are resistant to change!
[Career Education] 3-B: Possibilities and Prospects of Protean Education [Cross-border experience] 4-A: “Cross-border experience” that accelerates personal and organizational growth
[PROTEAN x SOFTBANK Human Capital Maximization] 60 minutes SoftBank HR Headquarters General Manager Genda x Professor Tanaka Kennosuke Protian CX (career transformation) that maximizes human capital [List of speakers] *In order of presentation
Japan Femtech Association Representative Director Yuki Sekiguchi / Naoko Yamada Noritomo Murasawa, Persol Career Executive Officer
Mr. Seito Furuya, Chief Researcher, Recruit Works Research
Institute/Representative Director, School to Work
Professor Shinichi Yamashita, Faculty of Law, Fukuoka University Mr. Kenta Hagiwara, Head of Human Resources and IR Manager, Neo Marketing Co., Ltd.
Mita Kokusai Gakuen Junior High School Assistant Principal Masakazu Uchida Author of “Protean Education”
Amane Sawatari, Author of “Cross-border Thinking”, Work Style & Organizational Development Expert
Mr. Norihiro Hirabayashi, Team Leader, Student Office, GLOBIS Graduate School of Management
Mr. Yasuyuki Genda, General Manager of Human Resources Division and General Manager of Wellness Promotion Office, SoftBank Corp. Protian Career Association Representative Director Kennosuke Tanaka, Toru Ariyama / Director Hiroko Chiba
[About the PROTEAN Career Association]
Overview Location: Shinjuku Washington Hotel Building Main Building 2F, 3-2-9 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Business overview: Organizational development support, corporate training, career qualification management for individuals, media and community management
Representative Director: Kennosuke Tanaka (Professor, Faculty of Career Design, Hosei University) / Toru Ariyama (CEO, 4designs Inc.) Established: March 2020
Association website:
Media “Protean”:

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