Free download of “Motivation: Cutting Edge Motivation to Increase Motivation” that incorporates rewarding and rewarding work into management

Free download of “Motivation: Cutting Edge Motivation to Increase Motivation” that incorporates rewarding and rewarding work into management

EQIQ Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Wall Casey James) has released [The cutting edge of motivation to increase motivation]. By reading “Motivation: The Frontline of Motivation to Increase Motivation”, you will be able to understand the concept of incorporating rewarding and improving job satisfaction into
management, which has been clarified in academic research.
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Representative Casey Wall message
An increasing number of companies are measuring employee engagement in order to respond to social demands such as human capital disclosure and to curb the turnover rate. I often hear people say that it is difficult to lead to the success of each individual.
On the other hand, we have received various opinions from on-site managers. “It’s hard to communicate with the subordinates and superiors in front of me ‘honestly’.”
Attuned’s organizational communication reform aims to solve such management and personnel issues with a simple approach. Visualize the value of motivation that is originally invisible, and get advice on actions that correspond to the motivation of the other party. You can work on improving your job satisfaction and job satisfaction in a few simple steps.
If you read this book, you will be able to know about the method of groundbreaking approach based on psychology and behavioral science. table of contents
1 Extrinsic Motivation: Do Carrots and Sticks Really Work?
2 Intrinsic Motivation: It comes from within the individual
/Performance beyond roles
3 The importance of being fit with the organization
4 Why Understanding Motivation Is Important
5 Impact of Covid-19
6 Mindfulness and Motivation
7 Summary: Optimal Motivation
About Attuned
About Attuned Developed jointly with psychologists and behavioral economists, “Attuned” is an assessment that visualizes the degree of demand for [intrinsic motivation] and [organizational culture] that are difficult to see compared to people’s abilities, behavior, and personality. and analysis tools, human resource development services. Organizational issues such as 1on1 meetings to increase motivation, improvement of psychological safety, improvement of team
relationships, development of autonomous human resources and supportive leaders, prevention of turnover, job crafting, diversity and inclusion, application of behavioral science to work, etc. We support utilization according to the situation.
In 2021, we won the HR Technology Award for Excellence and the HR Award for Excellence.
You can have a 30-day free trial for corporations only [No function restrictions]
About EQIQ Inc.
EQIQ Co., Ltd. is a unique company headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo, where members from over 20 nationalities work.
Our mission is to meet HR challenges
, especially solving recruitment and engagement, and retention. Wahl+Case, a bilingual recruiting service for the technology industry, and Attuned, which focuses on motivation assessment and engagement surveys, aim to comprehensively support the phase from recruitment to retention.
“EQ” in the company name stands for humanized emotional intelligence and “IQ” for the integration of technology and data in digital businesses. Blending a data-driven culture while valuing human feelings, creating a sustainable environment for people and companies It represents our mission to create a conscious and frictionless work environment.
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