Free trial company recruitment! “Web customer service specializing in recommendations from EC mail-order companies”

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Free trial company recruitment! “Web customer service specializing in recommendations from EC mail-order companies”
AI recommendation for EC “EIGENE” Commemorative project for landing in Japan!
META MARKETING Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Seoul, Representative: Yoo Ji-heon), which has a track record of introducing artificial intelligence solutions to about 60 major companies including Starbucks, Lotte Himart, New Balance, Olive Young, etc. We have released a “super-personalized recommendation solution” for e-commerce companies.
This time, as a commemoration of landing in Japan, we are looking for a “free trial” to implement this “AI recommendation solution function” on your EC site.
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The recommendation service “EIGENE”, which has created numerous global advanced cases while being recognized for its technological
capabilities, such as winning the “Super-personalized recommendation category best company award” sponsored by the Korean government, will open in Japan from 2022. In order to expand into the market, we have established a base in Japan (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) and have started services for Japanese companies.
From popular cosmetic brands to books, home electronics mass retailers, food, TV shopping, and apparel EC sites
“EIGENE”, which has a wealth of achievements, has a “3.8 times increase in conversion rate” in the Japanese market,
We have achieved outstanding results, such as a 3.3-fold increase in the number of product circulations.
[Image 2d111434-1-6b52f92c7e46d1f7b251-1.png&s3=111434-1-b6112ebc0088c37cb6e9f3934fe43cbb-2013x1129.png
[Image 3d111434-1-40f09256dc68704aea8a-2.png&s3=111434-1-326dd01a16d83dde5054d60cf34ff8f4-2154x1015.png
-Monitor Recruitment Guidelines-
As a commemoration of landing in Japan, this “AI recommendation solution function”
We are looking for a free trial to implement on your EC site. Please try to experience the increase in customer unit price, PV increase, and web customer service.
-Deadline for accepting free monitors-
Until January 31, 2023 (Tuesday)
-How to apply-
Email address below
company name:
Contact name:
Your EC site URL:
Please leave a message with the following.
Please contact us. We will send you detailed information.
·email address
・Eigen Japan contact person
Jin and Tanaka
■ Free monitoring conditions
・Companies that are EC mail-order businesses and have their own websites ・Free monitoring period will be determined in consultation with the company (within 2 months)
■ Free monitor precautions
・Please note that it cannot be applied to Rakuten, Amazon, and YAHOO Shopping EC sites.
Other details will be provided at the time of application.
[Image 4d111434-1-d91e24572330ab97d2cb-3.png&s3=111434-1-e5ec9c465243cf4c2e0f3718ff3fc473-1319x399.png

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