freee Yasuhiro Kimura appointed as Director of Fintech Association

freee Yasuhiro Kimura appointed as Director of Fintech Association
Freee Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Daisuke Sasaki) Executive Officer and General Manager of Social Infrastructure Planning Department Yasuhiro Kimura has been appointed as a director of the Fintech Association of Japan.
Starting from Japan, the Fintech Association of Japan has a mission to implement new user-friendly financial services in society in order to contribute to the improvement of people’s lives and business activities. To this end, startups will play a central role in promoting the sustainable and sound development of the domestic and international financial industry through open innovation with multi-stakeholders and the development of financial transaction environments, including legal systems.
■Overview of Fintech Association
Name: Fintech Association of Japan
Representative Director: Takashi Okita/Yasuhiro Kimura/Takeshi Kito Date of establishment: September 24, 2015
Address: 〒103-0025 1-8-1 Nihonbashi Kayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Kayabacho 1-chome Heiwa Building 8F
■ Regarding the new structure of the 8th term of the Fintech Association Representative Director and Chairman: Takashi Okita (Representative Director of Nudge Co., Ltd.)
Representative Director and Vice Chairman: Yasuhiro Kimura (Executive Officer, General Manager of Social Infrastructure Planning Department, freee Inc.)
Representative Director and Vice Chairman: Takeshi Kito (Advisor and Founder of Crowd Realty, Inc.)
Managing Director: Takafumi Ochiai (Atsumi Sakai Law Office/Foreign Law Joint Business Partner Lawyer/Senior Partner)
Managing Director: Noriaki Yoshikawa (Merpay, Inc. Policy Planning Director, President’s Office)
Managing Director: Yuki Kishi (CFO, Sustainable Labo Inc.)
Executive Director: Shimei Yanagi (President and CEO, Pailed Co., Ltd.) Director: Akihide Higo (Director of TRUSTDOCK Co., Ltd.)
Director: Shuichi Takeda (Executive Vice President and CSO of OLTA Inc.) Director: Yuko Kawai (Japan Digital Design Co., Ltd. CEO
MUFG/Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Corporate Planning Department Manager) Director: Kenjiro Nishii (Seven Bank, Ltd. Executive Officer, Seven Lab Leader and Strategic Business Manager)
Director: Chitatsu Takao (Director, CLO, Funds Co., Ltd.)
Director: Chang Li (Plug and Play Japan Co., Ltd. Fintech/Insurtech Director) Director: Tokushi Nakashima (Global Mobility Service Co., Ltd. President and CEO)
Director: Junpei Miwa (Senior Expert, Recruit Co., Ltd.)
Auditor: Hiroyuki Fujitake (Lawyer, Link Partners Law Office) Auditor: Fumiaki Sano (Partner Lawyer, Kataoka Sogo Law Office) Secretary General: Eriko Nonaka (Fintech Association of Japan) ■ Yasuhiro Kimura Biography
Graduated from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Law. At Nomura Research Institute, Ltd., he mainly engaged in consulting for companies in the information and communications industry and policy research for government agencies such as the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and
Communications. Participated in freee Co., Ltd. with an awareness of the problem of small business technology utilization. Currently, he is engaged in information dissemination and proposal activities for the formation of social technology utilization bases such as electronic administration and financial infrastructure.
-Comment from Kimura-
I would like to express my gratitude for the support of various people, including the members, for making it possible to welcome the 8th term.
Financial institutions and the Fintech industry are undergoing changes at a faster pace than ever before through hybrid activities that effectively combine online and offline activities.
In such a tailwind era, we would like to further strengthen our contribution to our members and the industry in terms of efficiency and sustainable growth.
Overview of freee Co., Ltd.
Company name freee Co., Ltd. (Registered name: Free Co., Ltd.) Representative CEO Daisuke Sasaki
Established July 9, 2012
Location: Art Village Osaki Central Tower 21F, 1-2-2 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Freee realizes an integrated management platform that anyone can freely manage under the mission of “Making small businesses the world’s leading players.” As a SaaS-type cloud service originating in Japan, we will build an open platform by collaborating with partners and financial institutions and continue to provide “magical value”.

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