FREI, a unisex street brand from South Korea, will hold a POP-UP SHOP at the same time in Tokyo and Osaka, a popular select shop L.H.P!

Irize Co., Ltd.
FREI, a unisex street brand from South Korea, will hold a POP-UP SHOP at the same time in Tokyo and Osaka, a popular select shop L.H.P!
Korean unisex street brand FREI, which is in charge of PR at SHOWROOM CHRMR operated by Irize Co., Ltd., has launched the select shop L.H.P. ”, WOMEN LAFORET HARAJUKU store and LUCUA OSAKA store will hold a POP-UP SHOP from December 2nd.
“FREI” is the German word for “FREE”, meaning freedom. ’. An apparel brand from South Korea that pursues such freedom and always proposes new fashion styles.
Members of the popular Korean idol group BTS, BLACKPINK, WINNER, and EXO, who are friends of the designer Joohyung You, have worn them privately and have become a hot topic in the media.
FREI Instagram
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[Image 1d112297-3-5200ea8332cff350f090-13.jpg&s3=112297-3-c516095b7ec6d23ed7dc0b6ada144fd4-1280x853.jpg
At this POP-UP STORE, FREI’s classic AUTEHNTIC series will be available! In addition to the simple design with the theme of relaxing wear, antibacterial processing is applied to all bodies.
It consists of a wide variety of colors so that you can freely express your own style, and it is a lineup that you can enjoy with your favorite combination.
[Image 2d112297-3-1590fd1a1d212ac10a90-5.jpg&s3=112297-3-c20bd59ef68ce538442e42bddf97d64a-1000x1000.jpg
[Image 3d112297-3-9ff1273eacfee7b91cb5-6.jpg&s3=112297-3-8d91554599f259c2073e1e4bb2430f91-1000x1000.jpg
[Image 4d112297-3-6329dc7f6dada665577e-11.jpg&s3=112297-3-f6079761a026d467f5b07701d9d4a0d8-1000x1000.jpg
[Image 5d112297-3-001c406f61b8cf56cc46-8.jpg&s3=112297-3-0904a1e495f897aaf2fe1447d69be438-1000x1000.jpg
[Image 6d112297-3-c1cf9e7edb494d4c23b6-9.jpg&s3=112297-3-c87f856601a3ab6bebc60116e9d0ed6b-1000x1000.jpg
[Image 7d112297-3-35e0cdffd0ac6f447448-7.jpg&s3=112297-3-8a9a6730e9538ede4eb144bb697dac5a-1000x1000.jpg
Inspired by MTV in the 1990s, the 2022 new item is a casually colored sweatshirt with catchy embroidery, making it a gem that can be worn daily.
[Image 8d112297-3-c043cdc3e58fa0ebfc01-1.jpg&s3=112297-3-b9fb68604f06143dbcb56348970e0e41-1280x1920.jpg
[Image 9d112297-3-b92ec84ecdc3409818ec-3.jpg&s3=112297-3-b5ebc3c9992eb5f09c2408e12bdaf6ed-1280x1920.jpg
[Image 10d112297-3-d3baf5bae8b352af3d9c-2.jpg&s3=112297-3-8d3a15ca564b81396ac1ada2caac9760-1920x1280.jpg
[Image 11d112297-3-7769412b8870a94de345-4.jpg&s3=112297-3-41f2a6be525b408d88fc27181f95f37d-1280x1920.jpg
Of particular note is the collaboration item with Shin Saiyuki MINO (a member of the popular Korean idol group WINNER), which was sold out! MINO is a member of the Korean music group WINNER, and is one of the world’s most famous people not only in music but also in fashion, such as serving as an ambassador for luxury brands.
[Image 12d112297-3-83b69fec0609da14ce78-10.jpg&s3=112297-3-1d74dad0b8107419c379bc844fd18e04-1000x1000.jpg
[Image 13d112297-3-c48a45dda27b9f104338-12.jpg&s3=112297-3-8895051b161a8d3947e9e99a41275d2f-1000x1000.jpg
[Image 14d112297-3-b4cb39cac2ffee451bac-14.jpg&s3=112297-3-a20bd257e40b4c2fee0a678ed3f782be-1000x1000.jpg
This collaboration item includes hoodies, sweatshirts, and sweatpants featuring the program’s original mascot ShinMyonhan, as well as miscellaneous goods such as key chains. The hoodies and sweatshirts have the trademarks SUNFLOWER and BULUEROSE that MINO wrote for this collaboration, creating a unique design.
[Image 15d112297-3-91197d2b6b2df36c53a8-0.jpg&s3=112297-3-40d574d2a27c682006e34c9e8553de3f-1440x1440.jpg
Please take a look at the “positive and free worldview” of “FREI” directly at the store and enjoy it.


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