From Felissimo “MEDE19F”, new winter items such as long P coats with a classical atmosphere and authentic Canadian mods coats will appear.

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From Felissimo “MEDE19F”, new winter items such as long P coats with a classical atmosphere and authentic Canadian mods coats will appear. Items that incorporate the dignified freshness of the air and the excitement of the snow into a warm and fashionable style.

The daily wear fashion brand “MEDE19F” developed by Felissimo, which inherits the vintage mindset, has announced new winter fashion items and has been selling online since October 19th. “ONE SNOW DAY! The theme for 2022 is the classic mixed tweed herringbone long P-coat, the authentic Canadian Mods coat with carefully selected lining, and fleece material that can be worn warmly. Items such as “overalls” that stand out as a single item have appeared. New works can be checked on the special site and digital catalog.
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◆ See new items in the digital catalog — [Image 2

◆ About new items
A P coat with a classical atmosphere that retains a time-honored atmosphere. Oversized classic P coat. Mixed tweed herringbone fabric with wool blend gives it a classic look. A large button with a diameter of about 30 mm is also an accent that emphasizes the classical atmosphere. [Image 3

The large chinstrap that increases cold protection is also removable. [NEW] MEDE19F Mixed hair mixed tweed herringbone long P coat-Brown- 1 piece ¥16,800 (+10% ¥18,480)
Product details/application–
Full-fledged coat with padding
It is a mods coat that follows the design of the Canadian mods coat. The inside of the hood and pockets is made of fleece, and the lining is lined with thin cotton, making it both lightweight and cold resistant. It has a loose silhouette with wide shoulders, giving it a mature impression while still being authentic.
[Image 4

[NEW] MEDE19F Canadian mods coat with original graphic lining -graige- 1 piece ¥21,000 (+10% ¥23,100)
Product details/application–
Fleece overalls
These overalls are made of thick fleece material and are inspired by military layered pants for cold protection. It has a high waist and a zip on the front, so it won’t pull when you’re crouching. The suspenders have buckles that are easy to put on and take off, and the length can be adjusted.
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Suspenders on both sides to adjust waist float
[NEW] MEDE19F fleece overalls -black-
1 piece ¥6,200 (+10% ¥6,820)
Product details/application–
Two elegant Morris patterns to wear in a medee dress
A flared silhouette dress that uses the pattern left behind by William Morris, the father of modern design. You can also enjoy using the same ribbon to mark your waist.
[Image 6

-OAK pattern-
It features a classic stand-up collar and soft, voluminous sleeves. It is supple, wrinkle resistant, and transparent, so it can be used for many seasons.
[Image 7

-PURE ACORN pattern-
[NEW] MEDE19F -MORRIS Gallery- Print long dress
1 piece ¥9,800 (+10% ¥10,780)
Product Details/Application
-OAK pattern—
-PURE ACORN pattern—
See the list of new works —
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◆Vintage-like COATS & JACKETS– [Image 9

◆ Morris Gallery
William Morris, who led the “Arts and Crafts Movement” in 19th-century England and pioneered the era of modern design. He was also a craftsman, painter, poet, publisher, and socialist thinker. He especially focused on textile design with natural trees and flowers as motifs.
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[Image 11 [Image 12
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