FROM JAPAN Co., Ltd. FROM JAPAN, a cross-border e-commerce purchase agency, has evolved into One Map by FROM JAPAN where you can purchase Japanese and American products!

FROM JAPAN, a cross-border e-commerce purchase agency, has evolved into One Map by FROM JAPAN where you can purchase Japanese and American products!
Full-scale start of global expansion! Purchase/bid on products on behalf of users from sites all over the world and deliver them to users all over the world!

FROM JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo,, President: Tomohiro Kuno) will be able to purchase US products on November 15, 2022. We have launched “One Map by FROM JAPAN” with a significantly expanded range of products.
Since its establishment in 2004, FROM JAPAN Co., Ltd. has been acting as a proxy for the purchase and bidding of Japanese products for customers outside Japan. In the future, we will not only deliver Japanese products, but we will also be able to purchase from Right Now on eBay, the world’s largest marketplace.
In addition to Right Now on eBay, we also offer a service that purchases and delivers products on behalf of customers by directly entering the URL of the product page for products from US e-commerce sites.
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Along with that, the service name has changed to “One Map by FROM JAPAN”. From now on, with a new service name, we will continue to provide customers around the world with the unique “hospitality cross-border EC experience” that FROM JAPAN has accumulated so far. [Image 2d78952-5-db6937420b3ce791dea5-1.png&s3=78952-5-7168297c4c50fd8bf56a15f9416c9a32-1174x490.png
◇ Three features of One Map by FROM JAPAN
1. Get rare products from around the world
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At One Map by FROM JAPAN, you can now purchase American products, including those from the world’s largest marketplace, Right Now on eBay, and the range of products handled has expanded significantly. Even products that are only shipped within the United States can be purchased with One Map by FROM JAPAN.
*Some products may not be available for purchase due to the seller’s intention. 2. Diverse product categories available
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In addition to Japan’s largest auction site Yahoo! Auctions, Internet shopping mall Rakuten, and flea market service Rakuten Rakuma, there are always more than 60 million items listed, and Right Now on eBay has more than 3,000 items. Product categories are handled. You can purchase a wide range of products, both new and second-hand. 3. Safe and secure shopping
[Image 5d78952-5-73e7838d46e0572a44d7-4.png&s3=78952-5-27ae48a554a970df3fc2af56dbb044d8-323x267.png
One Map by FROM JAPAN will fully support you from purchase to delivery. We will handle the communication with the seller and the delivery procedures necessary for overseas deliveries. We also offer a product warranty plan for your peace of mind.
In addition, we support 10 languages ​​including Japanese, English, and Chinese with staff who are fluent in each language.
Currently, we only sell products from Japan and the United States, but we plan to handle products from Europe and other countries in the future.
We will continue to contribute to the expansion of the global reuse market and the realization of a recycling society while providing even better customer service to users around the world who love rare items. Please look forward to FROM JAPAN’s further growth.
Inquiries for interviews, etc.:
Company name: FROM JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Person in charge: China Kozuki) Phone number: 03-6262-8725
Contact information for those who are considering opening a store at FROM JAPAN: Contact: Shigeru Morikawa (070-4038-0605)/Katsunao Kobori (080-2753-4472) E-mail:

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