From November 24th to November 28th, 2022, a kimono exhibition will be held in Nagano City!

Tachibana Co., Ltd.
From November 24th to November 28th, 2022, a kimono exhibition will be held in Nagano City!
Please see how the traditional Japanese clothing “kimono” has changed from the Momoyama period to the present day.

Tachibana Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagano City, Nagano URL: was founded 70 years ago with the “Textile Japan Exhibition – Patterns Traveling Through Time” held in Ginza, Tokyo. It will be held from November 24, 2022 (Thursday) to November 28, 2022 (Monday) at a special venue on the 2nd floor of Tachibana Co., Ltd. Nagano Main Store, which is about to celebrate its anniversary next year.
More than 200 items will be on display, including the Keicho kosode worn by Yododono, concubine of Toyotomi Hideyoshi 420 years ago. In addition, Kosode from the early Edo period (about 390 years ago), 12 important intangible cultural property holders (Living National Treasures) from the Meiji, Taisho, Showa, and Heisei eras, and many hair ornaments for court nobles from the Momoyama period to the Edo period. It will be the supreme gems of the early, middle, late, and Meiji periods.
Among them, special items such as “200 Tortoiseshell Yuki Tsumugi” and “Empress Michiko’s Furisode”, which are said to be impossible to make in modern times, will be specially exhibited. Let me do it.
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“Kosode” is said to be the prototype of modern kimono. From the Momoyama period to the Edo period, our predecessors gathered and developed colorful and varied patterns into kosode through various wisdom and ingenuity. We will also introduce the beauty of kosode, which has captivated women over time, and the accessories around kosode that tickle the fashion of the times.
By exhibiting works by important cultural property holders (living national treasures) who are the highest peaks in the dyeing and weaving industry of each era, and by exhibiting them together, interest in kimono that traces the evolution of design through time will be further deepened. We propose a moment.
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Experience the technological progress and lifestyle that has changed the traditional culture, traditional crafts, and traditional clothes of Japan, called “kimono,” from everyday wear to fashion in line with the times.
A kimono guide will also be at the venue on the day of the event. Please take the time to listen!
[A special gift for visiting the dyeing Japan exhibition! ]
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Date: November 24, 2022 (Thursday) to November 28, 2022 (Monday) Hours: 10:00 to 19:00 (Last admission 30 minutes before closing / Closes at 17:00 on the last day)
Venue: Special venue on the 2nd floor of Tachibana Nagano Main Store, 2214 Tsuruga Midoricho, Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture
Admission fee: Free
Organizer: Tachibana Co., Ltd.
Cooperation: Tsukamoto Ichida Co., Ltd.
*For members of the media
Prior to the opening of the exhibition, we will make an advance public announcement to the media from 10:00 to 13:00 on November 23 (Wednesday), the day before the exhibition. If you would like to be interviewed by the media, please contact the person in charge: Sakahara or Ide.
[Customer contact]
Person in charge: Ichimura
TEL: 026-238-0500
[Press window]
Person in charge: Sakahara, Ide
About Tachibana Co., Ltd.
In 1959, after the war, he founded Matsuya Clothing Store in what is now Kinasa, Nagano City, to help the local community.
Fascinated by the splendor of kimono, Hideyuki Matsumoto, the second generation manager (current chairman), started the kimono business in earnest and established the current Tachibana Co., Ltd. in January 1979.
In response to changes in customer needs and the times, we have started new services and businesses, including a photo studio and a kimono class that makes it easy for one person to wear clothes that are easy and neat to wear and do not fall apart. Ryoji Matsumoto, the current president who launched the company, took over the management, and currently operates 21 kimono stores and 16 photo studios. Currently, he also provides consulting and support services for photo studios and long-sleeved kimono shops.
Nagano Prefecture: 14 kimono stores, 9 photo studios, Tokyo: 1 kimono store, Aichi Prefecture: 1 kimono store, 1 photo studio, Hokkaido: 1 kimono store, Yamagata Prefecture: 2 photo studios, Niigata
Prefecture: 4 kimono stores, 2 photo studios, Toyama: 1 photo studio, and 1 franchised photo studio in Osaka, totaling 37 stores.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Tachibana Co., Ltd.
Location: 2214 Tsurugamidoricho, Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture Representative: Ryoji Matsumoto
Established: January 1979 (Founded: 1954)
Business description: Kimono retail store, photo studio, photo studio consulting, photo studio labo business
[Contact for press inquiries regarding this release]
Tachibana Digital Marketing Kuniyuki Sakahara and Akihiro Ide TEL: 026-238-0561
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