From the beauty brand , directed by Nozomi Tsuji, comes a new type of skin care item that covers your skin and provides anti-aging care* at the same time.

Dia Corporation Co., Ltd.
From the beauty brand -illuN-, directed by Nozomi Tsuji, comes a new type of skincare item that covers your skin and provides anti-aging care* at the same time.
With the thought that I want you to imagine a beautiful tomorrow.
Dia Corporation (location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) is a new product from the popular talent Nozomi Tsuji’s beauty brand illuN that provides aging care* while naturally covering the skin. )” will be released from 17:00 on Friday, November 25, 2022.
*Age-appropriate care
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Brand Concept
[Image 2d42551-148-684e0f2602f659f83bc4-3.jpg&s3=42551-148-338783a02e0cce790d7524e4fb016f73-174x53.jpg
I want to always be nice and clean. That’s what women always want. To you, a wonderful person who improves yourself for someone else even in a busy lifestyle.
With the thought that I want you to imagine a beautiful tomorrow. illuminate your life.
illuN will help you with your skin concerns and help you become what you want to be.
Released on Friday, November 25, 2022
Collagen moisture skin base
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To the beautiful bare skin with new sensation items
Aging care * 1 comes true while covering the skin naturally
skin care base
Moisturizing, aging care*1, pore cover,
A skincare item with a new sensation that gives you a tone-up*². Water capsule serum and vegetable collagen *³
It leads to glossy and smooth skin full of moisture.
*1 Age-appropriate skin care *2 Due to makeup effects *3 Hydrolyzed collagen collagen moisture skin base
30ml ¥3,960 (tax included)
POINT1.Micro Airy Capsule
92% is made of water capsule serum, so the skin is firmly charged with moisture. In addition, it covers the skin surface softly without clogging pores. Produces bright and smooth skin without burden.
POINT2. Hari, luster, and elasticity care come true
It also gives skin elasticity. *Sunflower Seed Oil, Lupine Lupine Seed Extract, Tocopherols
Walnut collagen*
Forms a film containing moisture on the skin surface to prevent rough skin and deterioration of the barrier function. * Hydrolyzed Collagen POINT3.Block heat damage
Soothing cooler*
It protects the skin from heat damage and leads to healthy skin. * Lamb Extract, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Violets Flower Extract, Dioscorea Root Extract, Ulmus Davidiana Root Extract
POINT4. Texture that blends well with the skin
A comfortable texture that stretches well and blends smoothly into the skin. Covers pores and uneven skin while toning up* the skin naturally. *Due to makeup effect
POINT5. Paraben-free, polyethylene glycol-free, allergen-free *It does not mean that allergies and skin irritation do not occur in all people. I recommend this hotel
・Those who want to cover pores without burdening the skin
・Those who want to tone up*1 their skin naturally
・ Those who do not spend much time on makeup
・Those looking for aging care*² items
・Those who are easily irritated by cosmetics
*1 Depending on makeup effects *2 Age-appropriate care
how to use
At the end of skin care (before sunscreen), take an appropriate amount and spread evenly over skin.
*Cleansing is not required.
Brand Director
Nozomi Tsuji
[Image 4d42551-148-2fabfdfda34cc415d794-2.jpg&s3=42551-148-dbde25a3a6680810e250cebf1e6e16fd-2667x2700.jpg
Born June 17, 1987. Born in Tokyo. 2000, Morning Musume. Selected as a member of the 4th term and debuted. After graduating from the group in 2004, he appeared in many variety shows as a solo after working as a unit. I got married in 2007 and took a leave of absence due to childbirth and childcare.
Currently, as a mother of 4 children, she appears on TV and events while raising her children.
Ameblo & Instagram are being updated daily. YouTube “Tsuji Channel” also evokes sympathy for the life-size real part that is not decorated.
Nozomi Tsuji Instagram: @tsujinozomi_official
illuN Instagram: @illun_official
Dia Corporation Co., Ltd.
Instagram: @illun_official ( TEL: 03-6910-5085
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