From the German watch “ZEPPELIN 100th Anniversary Series”, an official online store limited watch with a cordovan leather belt is on sale.

Ueni Trading Co., Ltd.
From the German watch “ZEPPELIN 100th Anniversary Series”, an official online store limited watch with a cordovan leather belt is on sale.
“Ueni Trading” (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, President: Mitsuyoshi Miyagami) will release “100th Anniversary Series Japan Limited Chronograph Cordovan” from German watch ZEPPELIN on December 1st at the official online store. To do. In addition, pre-orders will start from November 21st.
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“100th Anniversary Series Japan Limited Chronograph” commemorating the 100th anniversary of the historical German airship “ZEPPELIN”. The new “7686-5” is a limited model that combines a cordovan leather belt. [Image 3

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Cordovan is characterized by its fine texture and luxurious luster, and is called the “diamond of leather” and is considered to be the finest leather material among many.
Compared to general leather materials (cowhide, etc.), we use only horse leather, which has an overwhelmingly low distribution volume, and even its buttocks. A layer with a thickness of only 2 mm is shaved from it, and the tanned product is called cordovan. Even in the process of shaving, it is combined with the need for skilled technology, increasing the rarity.
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The dial has a galvanic finish that reproduces the aircraft color of the airship. Depending on the light, you can enjoy various colors such as silver, champagne, and ivory.
The chronograph, 24-hour display, and second display subdials are black. The so-called “reverse panda” design popular in Japan. In harmony with the black cordovan belt, it creates an elegant arm. [Image 6

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The complex scales of the tachymeter and telemeter are reminiscent of the skeleton inside an airship. The dome-shaped glass, cylinder-shaped dial, and airship-shaped case express roundness based on the image of an airship. Delicate details are carefully layered to complete a one-of-a-kind three-dimensional art.
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[Purchase privilege 1.]
High-quality leather becomes more beautiful the more you handle it, and you can use it for a long time. For that reason, daily care is important.
All purchasers of this model will receive a leather care brush made in Germany. [Image 9

[Purchase privilege 2.]
The first 20 people will receive a cordovan special care cream made by Columbus, one of the oldest leather care product manufacturers in Japan with a history of over 100 years.
* It will end as soon as it is gone.
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【campaign information】
To commemorate the release of the new work, we are conducting a nationwide campaign planned with the executive committee of Germany’s representative event “Oktoberfest”.
■Present item: Thermos vacuum insulation tumbler with Zeppelin Oktoberfest logo ■ Purchase period November 18th to December 25th
Application deadline: December 27th
■ Applicable products: ZEPPELIN watches (excluding sale items) [Image 12


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