Fuji Kachoen: Pocky’s 11th birthday project is being held

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Fuji Kachoen: Pocky’s 11th birthday project is being held
The lucky owl “Pocky”, who was born at our park on November 11, 2011, will have another one on his 11th birthday. It will be held.
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Pocky the Spitz Scops Owl
11111111 → 1 to the 8th power plan!
This is a celebration event for Pocky-kun, the Spiks Scops Owl. Limited to Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays in November 2022 and the birthday of the 11th (Friday). You can enjoy interacting with Pocky-kun wrapped in a special luxurious begonia heart. Please take this opportunity to celebrate Pocky-kun.
Time: From 10:30 Price: 500 yen once Place: In front of the entrance to the greenhouse, beside Begonia Mt. Fuji

[Image 2d63502-86-f24215eaadaef38942ba-1.jpg&s3=63502-86-1b49e8b36893b0e1da4102053ba0b575-900x1200.jpg
Wrapped in Begonia Heart
[Image 3d63502-86-b9e224f26c2a8fbc0d26-3.jpg&s3=63502-86-82090f9b7c6459549f20168b13dd6a6d-3900x3900.jpg
i’m 11 years old
Screech owl (Tropical screech owl, scientific name Megascops choliba) Eyes: Owl eyes
Family: Owl family
Genus: Screech Owl
Species: Spix Scops Owl
Although his ancestors came from America, Pocky was born in Fuji Kachoen, 480-1 Nehara, Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture. By the way, I’ve never heard it squeak (according to the president). We are looking for continuous donation crowdfunding! “Please raise Fuji Kachoen together.”
[Image 4d63502-86-c06188f7105308a93bfd-2.jpg&s3=63502-86-e7ecefe6c0f1052bacd8ae5c86bf6198-1025x685.jpg

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