Fuji Television Network, Inc. Fuji Television Network, Inc. Following Asia’s largest marketing conference “ad:tech tokyo 2022”, we will exhibit at the comprehensive media event “Inter BEE 2022”!

Fuji Television Network, Inc.
[Fuji TV] Exhibiting at “Inter BEE 2022”, a comprehensive media event following Asia’s largest marketing conference “ad:tech tokyo 2022″!
An original drama that uses iCADs, a new service for AVOD that adds advertising information to videos.
“When I was investigating for my unrequited boyfriend, I became a great detective before I knew it. (Tentative)”
In addition, NTT DATA’s “NeuroAI(R)/D-Planner(R)” will also be exhibited to verify the advertising effectiveness of “iCADs”. November 16th (Wednesday) to 18th (Friday), 2022
https://fod.fujitv.co.jp/ (FOD top page)
Fuji Television Network, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Koichi Minato, hereinafter “Fuji Television”) will hold a comprehensive media event “ We will exhibit at Inter BEE 2022. At this event, the original drama “Investigate for him who is unrequited love” will be held to maximize the effect of the new AVOD (free video distribution with advertisement information) service “iCADs” that adds advertisement information in the video. Suddenly, I became a detective. (Tentative)” will be exhibited as a demo that allows you to compare images before and after digital placement. At the same time, NTT DATA “NeuroAI(R)/D-Planner(R)” will be used to demonstrate how digital placement using “iCADs” affects people’s sensibilities, and the results of verifying advertising effectiveness.
[Image 1

Exhibition 1. “iCADs”
“iCADs” is an abbreviation for “in Contents ADs”, and is a new AVOD service that adds advertising information to videos. This is an advertisement information service for distributed content that Fuji TV aims to provide in collaboration with MIRRIAD. It provides a comfortable viewing experience without interruption by in-stream advertisements while users are watching distributed content, and provides information. The purpose is to provide new enjoyment by Advertisers will also be able to aim to create new advertising information opportunities within programs and expand brand
■ URL: https://www.cxm.fujitv.co.jp/icads/
[Image 2

before placement
[Image 3

After placement
Exhibit 2. Original drama using “iCADs”
In order to make the most of “iCADs”, an original drama based on the premise of using “iCADs”, “I was investigating for my unrequited love, and before I knew it, I became a great detective. (Tentative)” was produced. This drama will be exhibited at the exhibition, and both versions before and after digital placement will be distributed free of charge on FOD, so you can check the effect at any time.
[Image 4

“When I was investigating for my unrequited boyfriend, I became a great detective before I knew it. (provisional)” key visual
Exhibit 3. Advertisement effectiveness verification by “NeuroAI(R)/D-Planner(R)” “NeuroAI(R)/D-Planner(R)” is a basic technology born from brain information communication technology, and the world’s first
application of fusion research of “brain science x AI” to marketing, watching advertisements It is a system that predicts what a person feels from brain activity. In this exhibition, we estimate changes in viewer impressions and behavior changes due to digital placement, and verify the advertising effectiveness of iCADs.
■ URL: https://nttdata-neuroai.com/
[Image 5

NeuroAI(R)/D-Planner(R) Analysis Results Favorability Prediction Graph [Image 6

NeuroAI(R)/D-Planner(R) analysis results heat map
4. Booth session
The following free sessions will be held in the exhibition booth. [Theme 1: Future possibilities of iCADs expected by sales]
■Speaker: Kazuo Nomura (Fuji Television Network, Inc. Business Center Division General Manager PF)
Ryujiro Sakomoto, Hironobu Morisaki (Fuji Television Network, Inc. Digital Sales Department)
■ Date and time: Wednesday, November 16, 15:30-16:00
         Thursday, November 17 16:00-16:30
         Friday, November 18, 14:00-14:30
[Theme 2: Visualizing the potential of iCADs-Advertising effectiveness verification by NeuroAI (R) / D-Planner (R)]
■Speaker: Yusuke Fujikawa (Fuji Television, Business Center Division, Deputy Director, DX)
Takayuki Ogawa (NTT DATA CORPORATION Smart Life System Division Media Management Department Deputy Section Manager)
■ Date and time: Wednesday, November 16, 14:00-15:00
         Thursday, November 17, 13:00-14:00
         Friday, November 18, 15:00-16:00
[Theme 3 What I learned from actually producing an iCADs drama] ■ Speaker: Teppei Suzuki (Fuji Television Network, Inc. Business Center Division Manager)
Ken Higurashi (Director)
                        Fuji Television Network, Inc. Business Center Division General Manager Position PF
■ Date and time: Thursday, November 17, 14:50-15:30
         Friday, November 18, 13:00-13:40
◇ “When I was investigating for my unrequited boyfriend, I became a great detective before I knew it. (Tentative) Story
The main character is Nanami Edo, a college student who is familiar with history thanks to her beloved grandfather. One day, Haruto Oshima, a rookie detective whom she has a secret crush on, asks her to help investigate an incident in which she was repeatedly hit with water balloons. The names of the victims are “Oishi”, “Fuwa”, “Ma”, “Kataoka” and “Yoshida”, and they have nothing in common except that they were hit with water balloons. How will Nanami reach the criminal with limited information? And what is the outcome of the unexpected incident?
◇ Program overview
■Title: “When I was investigating for my unrequited love, I became a great detective before I knew it. (tentative)”
■ Distribution: Distributed on FOD
■ Starring: Riko, Yutaro and others
■ Staff: Screenplay: Kou Sano
        Planning/Producing: Kazuo Nomura
Chief Producer: Kenichi Sawada
      Director: Ken Higurashi
■ Production cooperation: Karts Media Works
■ Production work: Fuji Television Network
■ URL: https://fod.fujitv.co.jp/title/g9ey (distribution page) ◇ FOD Overview
A video distribution service operated by Fuji TV. Currently, the paid video distribution service “FOD Premium”, including the free distribution of programs currently being broadcast on TV, offers unlimited viewing of more than 80,000 video works such as dramas, variety shows, animations, and domestic and foreign movies of the past. In addition, we have a rich lineup of more than 500,000 e-books, including popular manga and magazines that you can read as much as you want.
[Image 7d84-1268-4665cd0ff854ca411ba5-6.jpg&s3=84-1268-6f2609a4a583ca5a39582d5d35c935d7-1661x602.jpg
■ URL: https://fod.fujitv.co.jp/
◇ Company profile of Fuji Television Network, Inc.
Company name: Fuji Television Network, Inc.
Representative: Koichi Minato, President and Representative Director Location: 2-4-8 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 137-8088
Established: October 1, 2008 (for incorporation-type company split) URL: https://www.fujitv.co.jp/
* When using photos, please credit ((C) Fuji Television).

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