Fujiko Co., Ltd. A comfortable healing space just for you, anytime, anywhere! Portable air purifier “AkariAi r” to be released on December 1st

Fujiko Co., Ltd.
A comfortable healing space just for you, anytime, anywhere! Portable air purifier “AkariAir” to be released on December 1st
A PET bottle-sized portable air purifier that integrates an air purifier and a light

Fujiko Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, President: Toshiaki Hagio, hereinafter referred to as Fujiko) will launch the portable air purifier “AkariAir” from December 1, 2022 (Thursday) at mass retailers nationwide and We will start selling on our group EC site.
Fujiko’s light sterilization technology, which was also used in the experimental equipment of the International Space Station, has been condensed into a portable size so that it can be used anytime, anywhere. The size is the size of a 500ml PET bottle, and the weight is about half that (about 250g). Two colors, black and white, are available.

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1. Development background
Due to the prolonged corona crisis, the way of thinking about working has changed significantly, and the lifestyle of “working anywhere and resorting again” is spreading. Then, each environment is different, and the air environment is also different. For about 10 years, Fujiko has been developing and producing air purifiers that utilize our unique photocatalyst technology, and has been highly trusted and evaluated by the market. We have developed an air purifier that you can carry around and use, and that you can feel “healing” in a small way.
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2. Characteristics of Acaria
1) Equipped with light disinfection technology
Compactly equipped with Fujiko’s “light sterilization” technology. Clean the air around you.
(The target volume is about 4㎥, about the size of a web conference booth for two people.)
[Image 3

2) Various verification data
We have accumulated various verification data related to disinfection, deodorization, etc., and have been developing. (The following is an example)
[Image 4

3) Lighting function
The gentle light that leaks out from the air inlet and air outlet creates a soothing space.
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4) Quiet design
It is very quiet with low air volume (24 dB) to strong air volume (29 dB). [Reference] 20db: sound of falling snow, 30db: sound of writing with a pencil
[Image 6

5) Design like a high-quality interior
Acalia is designed by Tatsuya Kawai of the world-famous designer Carrozzeria Kawai. The pentagonal shape was adopted from the viewpoints of “pursuit of ergonomic touch comfort and portability” and “ability to adjust and select the optimal angle for lighting.” The result is a distinctive product that can be used vertically or horizontally. We also pay attention to the packaging, making it a great gift.
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6) Made in Kitakyushu
Developed and manufactured in-house in Kitakyushu Eco-Town facing the Genkai Sea.
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3. Product details
1) Color variations
[Image 9

2) Product specifications
[Image 10

4) Price and sales location
Suggested retail price: 24,200 yen (tax included)
It will be on sale from December 1 at mass retailers, specialty stores nationwide, and the EC site of our sales company (Mask Fujiko). * Mask Fujiko EC site: https://www.massc.jp/akariair/
[Image 12d45600-16-f83fe06ee285981307f6-25.png&s3=45600-16-86245e31ce5d0c7dd5701e9757544fb0-147x147.png
4. About the manufacturer
Fujiko Co., Ltd., which developed and manufactured “Akalia,” is a steel manufacturer that has been in business for 70 years since its founding in Kitakyushu in 1952. Based on the technology cultivated in steel, we are focusing on developing environmental business products that apply photocatalysts.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Fujiko Co., Ltd.
(Supplementary note: Mask Fujiko Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned sales subsidiary of Fujiko Co., Ltd. and will be the distributor of Acalia.) Founded: April 1952
Head office location: 2-18-12 Nakahara Nishi, Tobata-ku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Representative Director and President: Toshiaki Hagio
Business description: Composite metal products (roll products/products for raw material processing), manufacturing, sales, and repair of products for environmental plants, operation-related work, design, manufacturing, and installation of industrial machinery, etc., manufacturing and sales of photocatalyst products, etc.
Company URL: https://www.kfjc.co.jp/

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