Fujimino City, Saitama Prefecture Experience fear with the Scared Straight education technique

Fujimino City, Saitama Prefecture
Experience fear with the Scared Straight teaching method
Junior high school traffic safety education class

For the purpose of traffic safety, classes will be held at three junior high schools in Fujimino City that incorporate the “Scared Straight Education Technique” in which stuntmen reproduce traffic accidents in front of the students. This class gives students an opportunity to think about the necessity of traffic rules by making them realize the impact and fear of traffic accidents.
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date and time. Place
(1) Tuesday, October 18, 2020, from 10:55 to 12:05
Oi Junior High School (24-1 Naema, Fujimino City) *Conducted. (2) Wednesday, December 7, 2020, from 10:55 to 12:05
Fukuoka Junior High School (3-3-1 Uenodai, Fujimino City)
(3) Tuesday, December 13, 2020, from 10:55 to 12:05
Ashihara Junior High School (310 Kawasaki, Fujimino City)
middle school student
▶Fine weather (ground): Composed mainly of accidents that often occur Impact of an accident at a speed of 40km/h, accident at an
intersection or pedestrian crossing with poor visibility, bicycle accident, accident due to an open door or a difference between the inner wheels of a large truck, an accident on the right, etc. ▶Rainy weather (gymnasium): Consists mainly of reenactment of impact accidents and accidents related to rain
Accidents caused by bicycles, such as driving with umbrellas and without lights at night, etc., will be screened using a projector to reproduce the terror of accidents.
Road Section (Phone: 049-257-5221)

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