Fujitec Co., Ltd. Started introducing smart glasses for maintenance and education of elevators

Fujitec Co., Ltd.
Started introduction of smart glasses for maintenance and education of elevators Remote safety patrol demonstrating improved productivity

Fujitec Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture; President: Takao Okada) has introduced smart glasses (glasses-type wearable terminals) for field work such as maintenance of elevators for the purpose of passing on skills and improving productivity. [Image 1

Image of remote safety patrol using smart glasses
[Image 2

Patrolling from the office
[Points of this release]
Full-scale introduction over seven years
In order to enhance education using IT, we have been considering the introduction of smart glasses that can relay work hands-free, and have been conducting PoC* since 2015. In recent years, the hardware has become more sophisticated, and we have judged that we can expect effective utilization, and we have started full-scale introduction from May 2022.
* Abbreviation for Proof of Concept. Proof of concept. To verify the feasibility and effectiveness of new technologies
Remote inspection of maintenance site “safety patrol”
Using smart glasses, we have partially remoted the “safety patrols” in which skilled engineers audit maintenance sites. Technicians working in the field wear smart glasses, and skilled technicians provide real-time guidance from the office via video call. This has enabled skilled technicians to reduce travel time and increase the frequency of safety patrols.
The information system department provides on-site installation support For the introduction of smart glasses, the information system department provided support such as proposal activities for solving on-site issues and introduction training. Our company’s integrated system, which enables close collaboration across departments, and the strength of our information systems department, which plans and produces in-house business support using IT, have led to the steady establishment of these digital technologies.
We will continue to support an environment where engineers can concentrate on high-value-added work and aim to provide further “safety and security” for elevators and escalators.
[Introduction background]
Maintenance of elevators and escalators requires more skills for engineers due to the diversification and sophistication of functions. In addition, while the population is declining, passing on skills to young engineers is a major theme for the construction industry as a whole. In order to solve these problems, we thought that we could provide extensive training using IT, so we focused on smart glasses that can relay work hands-free, and started a PoC in 2015.
The information system department accompanied the work at the maintenance site and conducted verification. The characteristics of smart glasses, which allow hands-free viewing of images from the operator’s perspective, were a good match for our company’s work, which requires detailed work at hand. rice field. As smart glasses have become smaller and more sophisticated over the past few years, we have determined that we can expect effective use of them, and have started full-scale introduction from May 2022.
[Case study: remote safety patrol]
Among the smart glasses introduction cases, the most advanced use is for safety patrols at maintenance sites. A safety patrol is a voluntary audit in which experienced engineers provide guidance on on-site safety management and work quality. Smart glasses have replaced some safety patrols remotely. Technicians working on site wear smart glasses, and skilled technicians provide real-time guidance from the office via video call. Experienced technicians are now able to reduce travel time, increase the frequency of safety patrols and conduct multi-person audits.
In addition, we are expanding the application to business support such as failure response and on-site support measurement surveys. [Points for selecting smart glasses]
At maintenance sites, technicians have a lot of equipment, and it is important to reduce the mounting load for the penetration of tools. In addition, it is a condition that it can be operated easily in order to proceed quickly with a small number of people and within a fixed time. Durability in a hard usage environment is also required. Based on these, the following are the main selection requirements.
[Image 3

Main selection requirements
・ It is a single eye type with a display position adjustment function, making it easy to secure a working field of view.
・ Can be used with helmets and glasses, and is easy to put on and take off. ・ Can be operated while wearing gloves with physical buttons ・ High quality video calls with built-in microphone and speaker, high image quality, and autofocus
・Long-life battery allows constant connection during working hours ・ Dustproof, liquidproof, shockproof, and can be used in harsh environments

[Business support using IT]
By supporting operations using mobile tools and cloud services, we aim to realize a safe, secure, and comfortable work style that is not restricted by work place or time.
IT engineers responsible for the planning and development of core systems and DX belong to the information system department (Digital Innovation Headquarters), which is the driving force, and develop agile digital strategies. With the strength of the close cooperation that transcends departments, which is unique to the integrated system, the information system department integrates into the field, such as accompanying the site on a daily basis, and promotes the solution of problems on the site with digital technology.
[About Fujitec]
Fujitec is a specialized manufacturer of elevators, escalators and moving walkways. R&D, manufacturing, sales, installation, maintenance, and renewal are conducted under an integrated system, providing safe, secure, and comfortable mobile spaces in 23 countries and regions around the world.
Established: February 9, 1948
Listed Market: Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market
Official website: https://www.fujitec.co.jp/
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