Fujitsu Limited Fujitsu and SettleMint Form Strategic Alliance in Blockchain Business to Accelerate System Development and Expand Application Fields

Fujitsu Limited
Fujitsu and SettleMint Form Strategic Alliance in Blockchain Business to Accelerate System Development and Expand Application Fields
Fujitsu Limited (Note 1) (hereafter Fujitsu) and Belgian software startup SettleMint NV (Note 2) (hereafter SettleMint) are working together to promote DX (Digital Transformation) using blockchain and to solve social issues. have agreed to form a strategic alliance. Fujitsu has also invested in SettleMint through a fund managed by its subsidiary, Fujitsu Ventures Limited (Note 3).
Based on this partnership, Fujitsu will globally sell the SettleMint cloud service, which enables low-code (*4) blockchain system development, in addition to Fujitsu Track and Trust, a service that realizes Fujitsu’s traceability platform. , We will accelerate the development of blockchain systems for companies and society. In addition to providing sales and technical support, SettleMint aims to expand the application areas of SettleMint’s services by utilizing Fujitsu’s comprehensive system development track record and customer base.
Both companies will promote development to increase the number of use cases that solve social issues, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through innovation.
Blockchain is characterized by its continuous recording of transaction and data history, and its strong resistance to system failures.It is a technology that is expected to transform society and grow businesses in the future due to its high transparency and safety. , On the other hand, the lack of blockchain engineers is an issue because it requires high expertise and development technology.
SettleMint provides a cloud service that realizes low-code system development that supports multiple blockchains, and this service makes it possible to quickly and easily develop systems that utilize blockchains without specialized knowledge. .
Fujitsu globally provides “Fujitsu Track and Trust”, a service that makes transactions transparent and realizes a safe and secure traceability platform by utilizing its own blockchain technology and know-how.
Through this partnership, Fujitsu will add SettleMint’s services to its “Fujitsu Track and Trust” menu and provide them globally. We aim to expand the field. The two companies have reached a basic agreement to make Fujitsu the exclusive partner for SettleMint’s services in Japan, and will continue to consider the specific conditions. Based on Fujitsu Uvance, which aims to realize a sustainable world, Fujitsu has announced Digital Shifts
( )” data-driven management.
Through this partnership, the two companies will develop use cases such as highly reliable traceability, data processing, and analysis using blockchain in all fields such as manufacturing, finance, public, medical, and communication, and will contribute to solving social issues with DX. We will promote it.
[Comment from Frederik De Breuck, General Manager, Digital Shifts Track & Trust Division, Uvance Headquarters, Fujitsu Limited] SettleMint’s high-performance, low-code, high-speed blockchain development environment fits Fujitsu’s blockchain business strategy. We have been collaborating on AB InBev’s projects (Note 5), and by co-creating both business and technology, we will be able to overcome the impact of increasingly complex ecosystems in Europe, Japan, and other regions. We will better manage and address the issues of reliable data, traceability, ESG and sustainability.
[Comment from SettleMint NV founder and CEO Matthew Van Niekerk] SettleMint aims to accelerate blockchain adoption and bring innovation to every organization in the world. By partnering with Fujitsu, we hope to expand our market and provide greater value to our customers around the world.
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(Note 1) Fujitsu Limited: Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Takahito Tokita.
(Note 2) SettleMint NV: Headquartered in Leuven, Belgium, Founder and CEO Matthew Van Niekerk.
(Note 3) Fujitsu Ventures Limited: Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Hideaki Yajima.
(Note 4) Low-code: Techniques and tools for developing applications and systems by reducing programming work.
(Note 5) AB InBev’s project: A project for Belgian beer maker Anheuser-Busch InBev N.V. to make the supply chain of barley, the raw material of beer, transparent from farmers to consumers.
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