Fujitsu Limited Hexagon and Fujitsu Launch Digital Twin Platform for Solving Urban Issues in Stuttgart

(This is a joint announcement with the Hexagon Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division, so there is a possibility that the information will be duplicated, but we appreciate your understanding.)
Fujitsu Limited
Hexagon and Fujitsu Launch Digital Twin Platform for Solving Urban Issues in Stuttgart

Hexagon Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division (Note 1) (hereafter, Hexagon) and Fujitsu Limited (Note 2) (hereafter, Fujitsu) will utilize the digital twin platform built by both companies to establish a We will start efforts to support the “Urban Digital Twin project” (Note 3).
This digital twin platform consists of Hexagon’s visualization tool “M.App Enterprise”, IoT framework “Xalt | Integration”, and cloud infrastructure services provided by Fujitsu. It enables monitoring and analysis of infrastructure conditions in an urban environment, such as water supply and transportation. This will support decision-making for optimizing the urban environment in Stuttgart.
In the future, this initiative will develop into a wider use of city data to promote urban sustainability and improve the lives of citizens.
Details of this digital twin platform will be introduced at the global conference “HxGN LIVE Japan 2022” hosted by the Hexagon Group, which will be held from Tuesday, November 29, 2022.
In June 2022, the two companies announced a partnership in the area of ​​digital twin technology aimed at resolving social issues, and this is the first step in this partnership. Going forward, we will continue to work with agility to build use cases that solve social issues related to sustainability and to provide solutions to realize use cases.
[Comment from Stuttgart city head of IT Jens Schumacher]
The City of Stuttgart’s “Urban Digital Twin project” has provided our office with a vast amount of mobility and environmental data, and Hexagon and Fujitsu’s IoT analytics platform will use that data to optimize our city. will support your decision making.
[Comment from senior vice president, EMEA, Hexagon’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division Maximillian Weber]
Stuttgart is an exemplary model for using real-time data analytics to solve today’s most pressing urban challenges such as sustainability, safety and mobility. We are proud to work with Stuttgart and Fujitsu to use data to improve the city’s future.
[Comment from Minami Takahashi, Executive Vice President, Fujitsu Limited] We are excited to extend our partnership with Hexagon to solve urban challenges. Together with Hexagon, we will provide a service that can analyze the environmental data of Stuttgart in real time, contributing to the improvement of services for residents. Fujitsu will continue to support the “Trusted Society”
( ), that is, to realize a sustainable and resilient society where people can live together in peace and prosperity.
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(Note 1) Hexagon Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division: Headquarters: Huntsville, Alabama, USA, President Steven Cost (Note 2) Fujitsu Limited: Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Takahito Tokita
(Supplement: Depending on the specifications of the publication media and viewing environment, the character “Takashi” may not be displayed correctly. Correctly, “Ichi” is placed above “生” in “Takashi”.) (Note 3) City of Stuttgart: Mayor Frank Nopper
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