Fujitsu Ltd. Fujitsu and Teikoku Databank Release a Report on the Results of Verification Tests for the Social Implementation of “Japanese Version of e-Seal”

(This is a joint announcement with Teikoku Databank, Ltd., so there is a possibility that the information will be duplicated, but we appreciate your understanding.)
Fujitsu Limited
Fujitsu and Teikoku Databank Release Report on Proof-of-Concept Results for Social Implementation of “Japanese Version of e-Seal” Constructed a prototype environment assuming actual work of “e-Seal” and confirmed the usefulness of delivery between multiple companies
Fujitsu Limited (Note 1) (hereafter Fujitsu) and Teikoku Databank (Note 2) (hereafter TDB) will conduct a six-month “Japanese version e-sticker” (hereafter “TDB”) from April to September 2022. We will publish a report on the results of the demonstration experiment for the social implementation of “e-Seal)”.
In this demonstration experiment, Fujitsu’s trust service “Fujitsu Computing as a Service Data e-TRUST (hereafter, Data e-TRUST)”, TDB’s knowledge on proof of existence of companies, and BOX Japan Co., Ltd. (Note 3) We have built a service model (prototype) that links the provided content cloud “Box” and utilizes “e-seal”. Using this prototype environment, we confirmed its usefulness by attaching and verifying “e-seal” in the delivery of digital documents between corporate organizations assumed in actual business. Therefore, we will publish a report on the contents of the demonstration experiment aimed at the social implementation of “e-Seal” and the issues and
recommendations derived from it.
Both companies will work on the spread of “e-seal” to promote the DX transformation of companies, aiming to realize a society where all transactions involving digital documents are conducted properly and smoothly.
[Demonstration experiment report]
Report download page: ( [Overview of the service model and demonstration experiment] [Image 1

Service model image
In this demonstration experiment, in the delivery of digital documents between corporate organizations assumed in actual business, when documents are delivered using “Box”, “e-seal” is attached and verified. , confirmed the usefulness of using “e-seal”.
“e-Seal” issuance and verification process overview
Step 1. Issuance of “e-Seal” certificate: Company A, who wants to use “e-Seal”, obtains “Data e-TRUST” linked to “Box” and “Data e-TRUST” issued by TDB after confirming the existence of the company in advance Obtain a certificate for “e-seal” from “Trusted Corporate Account”. Step2. Attachment of “e-Seal”: Company A, who has acquired a corporate account, applies for the attachment of an “e-Seal” to the digital document that they want to deliver in “Box”. “E-Seal” is given from “. Step 3. Verification of “e-Seal”: Company A passes the document with “e-Seal” to Company B using “Box” in another environment. “Data e-TRUST” and “e-Seal” verify the issuer of the document.
[Results of the demonstration experiment]
In this demonstration, in addition to confirming the usefulness of using “e-stickers”, we also considered the usability considerations necessary to utilize and spread “e-stickers” in society, and to promote their introduction. We were able to extract issues and considerations regarding the mechanism of Seven private companies and two general incorporated foundations cooperated in this demonstration experiment.
[Comment from Mr. Katsunori Furuichi, President of Box Japan Co., Ltd.] We welcome the confirmation of the usefulness of the “Box” in this demonstration experiment of the “Japanese e-Seal”. We believe that we can expect the social implementation of the Japanese version of the e-seal and the further promotion of digital document transactions through it. Box will continue to work toward the realization of a digital society in which credibility is guaranteed by digital trust and the promotion of corporate DX.
【 the next deployment 】
The two companies will expand the study and implementation of a service model that can be used in an open manner with the cooperation of private companies toward the issues and considerations summarized in the report and social implementation. We will also refer to the “e-Seal” related documents (Table 1) published as of November 2022. In the future, we will continue to work on the spread of “e-seal” to promote the DX transformation of companies, aiming to realize a society where all transactions involving digital documents are conducted properly and smoothly.
In the future, we also aim to link with digital signatures for European corporations, which have different standards from Japan, so that Japanese companies can use “e-seal” for transactions with their European branches or other companies based in Europe.・We are planning to develop a mechanism.
Under Fujitsu Uvance (, which aims to realize a sustainable world, Fujitsu connects the world seamlessly and safely with digital infrastructure that realizes a connected society. We will continue to promote “Hybrid IT”
[Image 2

Image of expansion implementation
[Image 3

(Table 1) Reference materials related to “e-Seal”
[Regarding trademarks]
Proper nouns such as product names listed are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
Note 1 Fujitsu Limited: Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President Takahito Tokita “Ichi” is entered above the “raw” of .)
*2 Teikoku Databank, Ltd.: Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Nobuo Goto Note 3 BOX Japan Co., Ltd.: Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Katsunori Furuichi

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・Fujitsu’s trust service “Data e-TRUST”
・Continued to expand the “Japanese version e-sticker social
implementation demonstration experiment” with participating companies (
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