Fukaya City November 23rd is Labor Thanksgiving Day, “Fukaya Negirai Day”.

Fukaya City
November 23rd Labor Appreciation Day is “Fukaya Negirai Day” Let’s engrave your loved ones with Fukaya green onions!
~ Approximately 7,200 people have participated since the start of the initiative / New customs from Fukaya become a standard annual event ~
Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture, which boasts the top-class green onion planting area in Japan, has implemented the custom of giving “Fukaya green onions” to important people on November 23rd, Labor Thanksgiving Day, “Fukaya Negirai Day”. We are trying to improve the attractiveness and expand the consumption of “Fukaya Negi”.
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Negirai day logo
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Anniversary registration certificate
In 2018, Fukaya City started this new custom, “Fukaya Respect Day,” and this year marks the fifth year. In October 2020, the Japan Anniversary Association registered “Negirai no Hi” on November 23rd as an anniversary.
Since the beginning of this initiative, we have received support such as selling “green onion bundles” at supermarkets and agricultural direct sales stores in the city, and providing “green onion dishes” at restaurants in the city. At the “Shibusawa Eiichi no Sato Fukaya Expo” held at Tokyo Station in October last year, we also promoted “Negirai no Hi” and had approximately 3,500 visitors over the three days. In addition, since last year, the city has been holding a “Delivery Class: Negirai Day Class”, in which about 1,200 children from all 19 public elementary schools in the city participated and took home the “green onion bundles” that they made themselves. Thank you.
Implementation measures for this fiscal year
This year as well, we will be distributing the very popular “Negibun” and “Delivery class: Negirai day class”. In the city, “green onion bundles” are sold, “green onion dishes” are served, and various events related to “Fukaya green onions” are held.
◆ “Bunch of green onions” distribution
On “Fukaya Negirai Day”, why don’t you express your gratitude with a “bundle of green onions” instead of a bouquet?
Fukka-chan, the image character of Fukaya City, will distribute a bunch of green onions for free!
It will be held at Fukaya Terrace Park (next to Fukaya Hanazono Premium Outlets).
The distribution will also participate in the junior leader of fukaya city. Date and time: November 23 (Wednesday / holiday) “Negirai no Hi” from 13:00 Location: In front of Fukaya Terrace Park Administration Building (41 Kuroda, Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture)
Quantity: First 300 people (1 bundle (2 green onions) per person) [Image 3

Green onion bunch (distribution sample)
[Image 4

Fukka-chan, the image character of Fukaya City
・Other “green onion bundle distribution”
Saitama Prefecture: Sogo Omiya Store (Saitama City, Saitama
Prefecture) *Already held on Saturday, November 5th
In Tokyo: Tokyo City i (1 minute from Tokyo Station Marunouchi South Exit) * Implementation: December 5 (Monday) (planned)
[Image 5

November 5th (Sat) at Sogo Omiya store
◆ “Delivery class Negirai day class” ~ Making a bundle of green onions ~ Last year, about 1,200 children participated and created a “green onion bundle” and a “green onion letter”!
City officials carry out “delivery class on the day of appreciation class” at elementary schools in the city!
Date: October 25th (Tue)-November 18th (Fri)
Target: 18 elementary schools in the city

[Image 6

[Delivery class] Fukaya City Kawamoto Minami Elementary School, October 25th 1 [Image 7

[Delivery class] Fukaya City Kawamoto Minami Elementary School, October 25th 2 ◆Sale of “green onion bundles” by elementary school students We will produce “negi bundles” from the Fukaya green onions carefully grown by the children on the school farm and sell them directly. Participating event: Corridor Cafe
Date: January 2023 (planned)
Location: Fukaya City Hall Brick Corridor (11-1 Nakamachi, Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture)
Participants: Fukaya Municipal Fukaya Elementary School 3rd graders (84 people) Reference: Corridor Cafe (past events)
URL: http://www.city.fukaya.saitama.jp/business/shokougyo/oshirase/1618221482922.html [Image 8d39145-29-38efc12aaf67c36fa651-7.jpg&s3=39145-29-a9dbfea5cbbb13c458b221d38ea10874-2048x1365.jpg
Last year’s situation: Elementary school students selling “green onion bundles” ◆Sell “negi bundles” at city supermarkets and farmers’ markets * 22 cooperative stores / 37 “green onion cuisine” cooperative stores Supermarkets and farmer’s markets in the city sell their original “green onion bundles” wrapped like a bouquet, and restaurants serve “Fukaya green onion dishes”.
[Image 9d39145-29-7fa3dcf69467309c44ff-8.jpg&s3=39145-29-1cac2f04fd4cc9e3727c42333573d574-2508x1672.jpg
State of last year: City agricultural products direct sales store Tonton Market Fukaya store
[Image 10d39145-29-896f77dc4818ca40542d-9.jpg&s3=39145-29-76ad9efda43ba74a30d08593f3f1bca3-2508x1672.jpg
State of last year: City supermarket food hall hers
◆ Fukaya Negirai Fair
The season of Fukaya green onions is coming! “Fukaya green onion” event for Negirai Day!
We carry out sale of green onion bunch, Fukaya green onion calsotts (grilled green onion).
Date: November 19th (Sat) to 23rd (Wed/holiday)
* Fukaya green onion calsotts is only available on the 19th and 20th Location: Roadside Station Okabe (688-1 Okabe, Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture) URL: https://www.michinoeki-okabe.jp/event/4713.html
[Image 11d39145-29-80262e0baf58c9b3b697-10.jpg&s3=39145-29-9fe51b22fb6e8c83d341923cc3e421ba-3900x2605.jpg
Fukaya green onion calsotts (grilled green onions)
[Image 12d39145-29-d58124da54ebeaab6c29-11.jpg&s3=39145-29-d59007498761ec2795bb9112f88cf4ef-3900x2925.jpg
Sale of bundles of green onions
◆ Thank you for your hard work! Green onion bath “Fukaya green onion bath” The “Fukaya green onion bath” is held every year, where the topical Fukaya green onion floats.
Date and time: 5 days from November 23 (Wednesday / holiday) to 27 (Sunday) Location: Bath cafe Hareniwa no Yu (939 Kubojima, Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture)
URL: https://ofurocafe-hareniwanoyu.com/4534/
[Image 13d39145-29-986a2243876cda8960d9-12.jpg&s3=39145-29-f0962037c551238c5e74e199332b900b-1080x720.jpg
Photo courtesy of Ofuro Cafe Hareniwa no Yu
Fukaya green onion related events (November to February)
Starting with Fukaya Negirai Day (November 23rd), “Fukaya Negi” gets sweeter and tastier the colder it gets. Various “Fukaya green onion” events are held in the city.
■ The 11th Fukaya Green Onion Grand Prix
Busy every year! It is an event of “Fukaya Negi Zanmai” at Roadside Station Okabe!
Plans such as the specialty project “Fukaya Negi no Tsukamidori”, “Charcoal-grilled Fukaya Negi Calzots” where you can fully enjoy the sweetness of Fukaya green onions, and “Fukaya Negi Ramen” perfect for the cold Fukaya winter when Akagi grated radish is blowing. is abundant.
Date: December 3rd (Sat), 4th (Sun), 10th (Sat), 11th (Sun)
Location: Roadside Station Okabe (688-1 Okabe, Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture) URL: https://www.michinoeki-okabe.jp/event/4724.html
[Image 14d39145-29-2b7123ab5ce3037de8ea-13.jpg&s3=39145-29-3f070d1f29a42851da4a1b212a8b641b-842x1191.jpg
The 11th Fukaya Negi Grand Prix Poster
[Image 15d39145-29-bf80d065e69ba8841528-14.jpg&s3=39145-29-507f43a758e99dcb19efa8bc6f8dd12b-2048x1536.jpg
Fukaya Green Onion Grab Midori
■ Fukaya Green Onion Festival
A famous event by people who love Fukaya green onions!
This is an event for citizens to love Fukaya green onions as a symbol and share gratitude for “food” through the Fukaya green onions. Dedicate Fukaya green onions and distribute lucky green onions. Various types of green onions are grown in the city, and you can eat and compare many of them at this festival. Fukaya calsotts, sales of green onion dishes, sales of Fukaya green onions, etc. will be held. Date: Sunday, January 29, 2023 (last Sunday of January every year) Location: Takinomiya Shrine (5-6-1 Nishijima, Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture) URL: https://www.negimatsuri.com/
[Image 16d39145-29-a9113da058bcf616bca3-15.jpg&s3=39145-29-ad31789fc203ca7273ec296fe4955fb5-1910x2700.jpg
Fukaya green onion festival 2023 poster
[Image 17d39145-29-f9078776d523d01c6fda-16.jpg&s3=39145-29-bf474f8dc3cc09ba7eb2a1f661c8d94b-1478x1108.jpg
Dedication of Fukaya Negi

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