Fukuoka City Founder Supporters Forum will be held on Friday, November 25th! ! Recruiting viewers! !

Fukuoka City Hall
Fukuoka City Founder Supporters Forum will be held on Friday, November 25th! ! Recruiting viewers! !
Five promising startups from Fukuoka gather at Fukuoka Growth Next aiming for the grand prize of 1 million yen! !

■ “Fukuoka City Founder’s Support Group” Page
URL: https://www.city.fukuoka.lg.jp/keizai/r-support/sougyou/011.html Since 2003, Fukuoka City has collaborated with the “Fukuoka City Entrepreneur Support Group,” a network of local business owners to support founders. Step-up subsidy project” is being implemented, and the final examination for FY2022 will be conducted within this forum. [Event date and time]
 Friday, November 25, 14:00-17:45
*If you would like to view the exhibition, please send your name and affiliation to the email address below.
Mail: startup.EPB@city.fukuoka.lg.jp
Fukuoka Growth Next Event Space (2-6-11 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City) *This event will be held on-site and will not be distributed online. [Schedule on the day (planned)]
・ 14:00~14:10 Opening remarks
・ 14:10-16:15 Pitch by startups (implemented by 5 companies) ・ 16:15-16:45 Business plan evaluation meeting (closed)
・16:45~17:15 Announcement of results and commentary by founder supporters ・17:15~17:45 Closing remarks and social gathering
[Startup on stage]
・ Mr. Yusaku Kurose, Representative Director of Oxxx Co., Ltd.  Business name: mogumo frozen infant food for 1.5 to 6 years old [Image 1

・ Mr. Masatoshi Mizuta, Representative Director of boto Co., Ltd.  Business name: Human resources and store management system “botto” specialized for restaurants
[Image 2

・Takumi Hiiragi, Representative Director, Lifestyle Management Co., Ltd.  Business name: Solution using Web-API voiceprint analysis
[Image 3

・ Mr. Kenji Fujimura, Representative Director of Recmedia Co., Ltd.  Business name: OPEN CODE LAB
[Image 4

・ Mr. Ani Oishi, Representative Director of Kiwi Co., Ltd.
Business name: Development and provision of Kikisapo AED
[Image 5

[Fukuoka City Founder Support Group]
・ Mr. Mitsuo Koga, Representative Director of Koga Management Research Institute Co., Ltd.
[Image 6

・World Holdings Co., Ltd. Chairman and President Eikichi Iida [Image 7

・Teno.Holdings Co., Ltd. President Hiroko Ikeuchi
[Image 8

・Kazuhisa Tomita, President and Representative Director, BP Systems Co., Ltd. [Image 9

・Nulab Co., Ltd. President Masanori Hashimoto
[Image 10

[About the Fukuoka City Step-up Subsidy Project]
This is a business that examines the business plans of founders, and grants founders with high-growth business plans a subsidy to foster founders as the funds needed to improve issues for growth.
Business plans will be reviewed by the Fukuoka City Entrepreneur Support Group Council, which is made up of business owners who are based in Fukuoka.
As a result of the examination, founders with business plans with high growth potential will be awarded the “Best Award,” “Excellence Award,” and “Encouragement Award,” and will receive subsidies from Fukuoka City. provide support.
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