“Fukushima Gourmet Fair”, where you can enjoy Fukushima’s specialty dishes, will be held for a limited time at three brands: “Negima Sanzo”, “Torimitsu Kuni”, and “Yakiton Umaka Market Marushi”.

AHC Group Co., Ltd.
“Fukushima Gourmet Fair”, where you can enjoy Fukushima’s specialty dishes, will be held for a limited time at three brands: “Negima Sanzo”, “Torimitsu Kuni”, and “Yakiton Umaka Market Marushi”. Enjoy gourmet foods that are hard to find in Tokyo, such as Iwaki local cuisine and Aizu horse sashimi

“Negima Sanzo” operated by AHC Group Co., Ltd. (AHC Group,
Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshitaka Araki), and Marushi Co., Ltd. (Marushi Kabushiki Gaisha, Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative President: Shinsuke Muramitsu) will jointly hold the “Fukushima Gourmet Fair” where you can enjoy Fukushima’s specialty dishes at “Torimitsu Kuni” and “Yakiton Umaka Market Marushi” for a limited time. It will be held for about a month from November 7th (Monday) to December 11th (Sunday), 2022.
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“Fukushima Gourmet Fair” to be held at 20 stores with a wide variety of specialty dishes from Fukushima Prefecture
At AHC Group Co., Ltd.’s “Negima Sanzo,” which operates restaurants, and Marushi Co., Ltd.’s “Yakiton Umaka Market Marushi” and
“Torimitsukuni,” we gathered ingredients and local cuisine from Fukushima Prefecture. “Fukushima Gourmet Fair” will be held. At our store, we deal directly with producers and are working on discovering ingredients and dishes from all over the country. This time, we will focus on Fukushima Prefecture and offer special dishes and products arranged in an izakaya style that goes well with alcohol. Please enjoy the taste of Fukushima that can only be tasted here, such as jumbo nameko mushrooms sent directly from the farm and horse sashimi from Aizu.
A Treasure Trove of Food: Fukushima Prefecture
Fukushima Prefecture is divided into three areas, “Aizu”, “Nakadori” and “Hamadori”, due to the Abukuma Highlands and Okuhan Mountains within the prefecture. Each region has its own climate and unique food culture. When it comes to food in Fukushima, many people think of Kitakata ramen and fruits such as peaches and cherries. In addition, there are many delicious ingredients and dishes that are not yet known nationwide, such as “Jumbo Nameko”, “Basashi”, and B-grade gourmet “Fukushima Buruburu”. We hope that the people of Tokyo will enjoy these events as well.
Outline of “Fukushima Gourmet Fair”
Fair store list:
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/84662/table/4_1_fa944c83ec68f04be5269f428fb8a7ec.jpg ]
Period: November 7th (Monday) to December 11th (Sunday), 2022 Product line-up:
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・ Jumbo Nameko and Red Ginger Tempura Directly from Suzuki Farm: 539 yen (tax included) (*549 yen for Negima Sanzo)
With a unique cultivation method that takes time at a low temperature, we have grown mushroom mushrooms to sizes beyond common sense. Enjoy the tempura accented with red pickled ginger.
・Iwaki Local Cuisine Deep-fried Bonito 539 yen (tax included) (*549 yen for Negima Sanzo)
Fukushima Prefecture boasts the second largest consumption of bonito after Kochi Prefecture. A local dish from the Iwaki region of fried bonito fillets marinated in a special soy sauce sauce. If you like, you can use Aizu Takasagoya’s raw shichimi on the side.
・Jomon-dried squid and tonbi skewers (1 skewer) 275 yen (tax included) The brand dried fish “Jomonboshi” made by Marugen Suisan Shokuhin in Ena, Iwaki City is carefully made using traditional methods and is popular nationwide for its clear taste without a fishy smell. This time, we skewered the rare Jomon-dried squid and tonbi.
・Fukushima Buruburu 649 yen (tax included) (*659 yen for Negima Sanzo) Unfamiliar and unique product name “Buru Buru”. This is a popular B-grade gourmet dish of Fukushima City, which is said to be “because it is so delicious that it makes your body tremble.” This is a dish that reminds us of the good old days of Showa-era Fukushima. *Not available in the Torimitsu Koku business format.
・Aizu horse sashimi with spicy miso sauce 869 yen (tax included) (*879 yen for Negima Sanzo)
Fukushima Prefecture is second only to Kumamoto Prefecture in terms of both production and consumption. Aizu horse sashimi is famous for its delicious red meat with a concentrated flavor. Enjoy it with Aizu Takasagoya’s spicy miso.
*Reservations are not required, but ingredients are limited and may run out. note that.
[Negima Sanzo]
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Based on the concept of “Negima to the world”, we offer Negima skewers and yakitori skewers. The specialty negima skewers are carefully hand-skewered one by one every morning and then carefully grilled by a skilled griller to create a masterpiece with condensed umami. We strive to be an izakaya where you can stop by at any time in a store full of Showa atmosphere and liveliness.


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[Kuni Torimitsu]
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“Torimitsukuni” is particular about yakitori that makes the most of the original taste by cutting it according to the part so that you can enjoy the original taste of the ingredients. Please enjoy yakitori that is particular about every corner, such as grilled salt from Kyushu that brings out the ingredients and secret sauce that is added every day. The sake produced in collaboration with Tamanohikari Sake Brewery in Fushimi, Kyoto is also a great match with yakitori. [Yakiton Umaka Market Marushi]
[Image 7d84662-4-2bcb79d6c63ba50e717b-7.jpg&s3=84662-4-1d3900e51c05e5ca183fc26941e93dd1-663x321.jpg
We carefully skewer each and every one of the fresh pork offal that is tightened in the morning so that it does not lose its freshness. Our specialty yakitori uses “Abedori” from the northern Tohoku region, which is carefully raised. It contains more vitamin E than regular chicken, and is raised on a high-protein, low-calorie special feed that has less fat than regular chicken, making it a healthy gem. https://marushifood.co.jp/shop?cat=marushi

*Business hours and store holidays may change depending on the situation. Please contact the store for details.


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