FUNDINNO Co., Ltd. Launched “FUNDINNO PLUS+” to meet the needs of large-scale procurement for venture comp anies that can raise more than 100 million yen

“FUNDINNO PLUS+”, which enables procurement of 100 million yen or more, was launched in response to the needs of large-scale procurement for venture companies
-The first project is Ann Consulting Co., Ltd., which raises 110 million yen-
FUNDINNO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo,
Representatives: Yuki Shibahara / Manabu Oura, hereinafter “our company”) is a new service “FUNDINNO PLUS + (hereinafter, Fundino Plus) that enables large-scale financing of 100 million yen or more. ” has started. The first project was used by Ann Consulting Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Eiichi Kuri, hereinafter “Ann Consulting”), and 110 million yen was raised. [Image 1d21941-181-e35822aea6fcc0a8043c-0.jpg&s3=21941-181-714b16745441f91aeffd04e9fe91d5ab-1920x1005.jpg
Our company’s stock investment crowdfunding FUNDINNO (hereinafter referred to as FUNDINNO) has so far provided small funding
opportunities mainly for seed and early stage venture companies. This is because the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act stipulates an upper limit of less than 100 million yen a year that a venture company can raise.
On the other hand, in the case of venture companies, especially those in the middle and later stages, where the business is in the growth phase, 100 million yen is by no means a sufficient amount to further accelerate business growth. We have received a request for a large amount of funding.
Against this background, we have launched a new service called Fundino Plus, which uses the shareholder community system and the specified investor system.
We will continue to support the growth of companies by providing a variety of financing options, and strive to realize our vision of “Creating a future where we can challenge ourselves fairly.” What is FUNDINNO PLUS+?
Fundino Plus is a service that enables venture companies to raise large-scale funding of 100 million yen or more. In the past, FUNDINNO, which we have provided, was stipulated by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act to raise less than 100 million yen, but with Fundino Plus, it is possible to raise more than 100 million yen. Fundino Plus is a service for those who have registered as an investor with FUNDINNO and have transitioned to Professional Investor*, and will be able to invest by participating in the established shareholder community. (Participation in the shareholder community is subject to screening.)
In addition, we have introduced a specified investor system from September 2022, and it is possible to register as an individual or corporate investor by meeting certain conditions.
[Image 2d21941-181-0b01810a943d1d0e3d3a-1.png&s3=21941-181-ada0a0fa8ca9637b927f75058c5964e9-854x427.png
*What is the Specified Investor System?
Professional investors are so-called professional investors, and are considered to have sufficient knowledge, experience, assets, and risk management capabilities regarding financial products. This is a system that exempts part of the legal regulation of conduct when selling or soliciting products. ( Comment from Mr. Eiichi Kuri, Representative Director of Ann Consulting With the philosophy of “creating new work”, we are developing freelance IT personnel matching service “Frien” and complete success fee type service “Chokufuri”. When we planned to accelerate the growth of our business and embody our vision of “creating a world where everyone can make the best choices from the diversity of work styles and demonstrate their abilities in a free environment.” One thing was money.
We created our own materials and visited investors, and some of them were positive, but we were unable to reach a conclusion with the last push, and that’s when we came across “FUNDINNO PLUS+”. In the conventional FUNDINNO, there was a limit to the scale of fund procurement, but FUNDINNO PLUS + resolved this concern, so we decided to help it grow.
He thoroughly taught me about structures that I had never heard of, such as the formation of a shareholder community, and provided meticulous support, such as the necessary legal procedures and the preparation of materials for investors. Thanks to you, we were able to carry out the procurement at the desired time and amount. Our relationship with our investors will begin soon, but we will proceed with appropriate responses while receiving guidance from FUNDINNO, and we would like to achieve our initial goal of growing our business and return it to our investors. increase.
For companies that are considering procurement in the future, I strongly recommend FUNDINNO PLUS+ as an investment method, as I felt that they were very kind and committed to the company as mentioned above.
Service of FUNDINNO
-Outline of stock investment type crowdfunding “FUNDINNO”-
[Image 3d21941-181-4f5772c6d28c8d885cd0-2.png&s3=21941-181-9e726ba9b3e496a3091b93cbaca1dcb6-1230x180.png
“FUNDINNO”, Japan’s first* stock investment-type crowdfunding service platform, allows you to invest in venture companies aiming for IPOs and buyouts, starting from a small amount of around 100,000 yen per unit. Venture companies gather from all over the country, and only those companies that have passed a strict screening process are recruited for investors. FUNDINNO invests in common stocks and subscription rights to shares, and you can regularly check IR information from investee companies. Depending on the company, there are cases where the angel tax system can be used for investment, and there are companies that have set shareholder benefits, so a new investment experience is possible. *When investing through FUNDINNO, the investor must also be screened for investment eligibility.
*From Japan Securities Dealers Association -Outline of cloud business management tool “FUNDOOR”-
[Image 4d21941-181-09ed177f8e786a03e1ec-3.png&s3=21941-181-d536dee631cc1f0e4dc2ad56dff41019-595x94.png
FUNDOOR is cloud business management software for venture companies supervised by lawyers. We support shareholder management, shareholder meetings, financial management, IR distribution, etc. on one platform, freeing CXOs from complicated work related to shareholder management and business management of venture companies. We will support the growth of venture companies by providing an environment that allows them to concentrate more on their business than they do now.
-Overview of the unlisted stock market “FUNDINNO MARKET”-
[Image 5d21941-181-d970104d08377652d567-4.png&s3=21941-181-0894cd12c594472136d811d35802c716-964x88.png
FUNDINNO MARKET is Japan’s first secondary market where you can buy and sell unlisted stocks on the Internet. We utilize the shareholder community* system provided by the Japan Securities Dealers
Association. In the past, trading of unlisted stocks using the shareholder community existed, but FUNDINNO MARKET is the first to realize online trading.
By using FUNDINNO MARKET, investors will be able to buy and sell unlisted stocks, and companies that use it will be able to raise large amounts through private placements in the future. In addition, it does not matter whether the user company uses the stock investment type crowdfunding “FUNDINNO”.
* A shareholder community is a mechanism for buying and selling shares of unlisted companies, etc. rooted in the community and raising funds through the issuance of such shares.
Japan Securities Dealers Association “Shareholder Community”
-FUNDINNO Co., Ltd.-
Location: 5-25-18 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director: Yuki Shibahara / Manabu Oura
Total capital and capital reserve: 3,592,479,340 yen (as of June 15, 2021) Established: November 26, 2015
Type 1 financial instruments business operator Director of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kinsho) No. 2957
Member associations: Japan Securities Dealers Association, Fintech Association URL:
-About Fees and Risk Information-
Fees, risks, etc. for products handled in our services are the contents of the “Description of Important Matters
(” displayed on our website and the delivery before concluding a contract for each project. Please check the contents of the document. Please make your own investment decisions.
Note: This press release is a document to publicly announce FUNDINNO’s services and achievements, and is not prepared for the purpose of soliciting investment.

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