Furusato Choice launches a new “Kifutabi” site that conveys the appeal of the region Carefully selected hometown tax gifts that can be used for travel such as accommodation and experiences

Trust Bank Co., Ltd.
Furusato Choice launches a new “Kifutabi” site that conveys the charm of the region Carefully selected hometown tax gifts that can be used for travel such as accommodation and experiences
~ Campaign to win accommodation tickets for “Wooden Castle Tower” in Ehime / Ozu City by lottery for 1 group of 2 people ~

Trust Bank Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kenichi Kawamura; hereinafter referred to as “Trust Bank”), which plans and operates Japan’s largest hometown tax payment comprehensive site “Furusato Choice”, will travel today, November 17th. The website “Kifutabi” (https://www.furusato-tax.jp/kifutabi/), which conveys the charm of the region to the theme, will be released with a new look. The site design has been renewed to make it easier to see, and you will be able to search for experience-based gifts such as accommodation, sightseeing, and activities from various travel themes. In commemoration of the renewal, a lottery will be held for 2 people to receive a lodging ticket that allows you to rent out Ozu Castle, Japan’s first wooden castle tower that can be accommodated. We will carry out a campaign to
[Image 1d26811-934-9112d396d99a0e6491f7-1.png&s3=26811-934-4f444b1023121489c07a78dccbdaad8d-1920x2112.png
Screen image of the completely renewed “Kifutabi” (different from the actual content)
Up until now, food, crafts, and other “goods” have been the most popular thank-you gifts for Furusato Nozei. It is published. There are accommodation vouchers for hotels and inns that can be used at the destination, as well as tickets for eating and drinking and
activities. You can also use
For local governments as well, it has become a means of conveying the charm of the region not only through local specialties and specialty products, but also through tourism as a new approach. Through hands-on gifts unique to the region, donors will actually visit the site and enjoy lodging and experiences, which will lead to the revitalization of the local economy and an increase in the number of relationships and exchanges.
On the other hand, although hands-on thank-you gifts are becoming more popular among donors who are aware of their existence, they are still not well known among donors as a whole. For this reason, Furusato Choice has decided to renew “Kifutabi” as content that promotes the appeal of experience-based thank-you items with the theme of travel. We aim to foster a sense of attachment to the community and nurture continuous ties by giving donors an opportunity to experience attractive local experiences through experiential gifts.
In the new “Kifutabi”, we have prepared various special features related to travel, making it easy to find thank-you gifts that match the theme of the trip you are looking for. We will also pick up gifts that make use of the characteristics of the region, which can be said to be “unique to hometown tax”, and provide “opportunities to learn about the charm of new regions” that are different from searches on travel sites.
In commemoration of the renewal, we are holding a campaign to present two people in a group with a “Shirotomari Accommodation Coupon”, which is usually offered as a thank-you gift for donations (donation amount: 3,700,000 yen) to Ozu City, Ehime Prefecture. increase. You can stay at Ozu Castle, which consists of a wooden castle tower and two turrets, which are nationally designated important cultural properties from the Edo period, and enjoy breakfast (lord’s meal) at Garyu Sanso, which is also a national important cultural property. You can experience just like that.
[Image 2d26811-934-dae6a309e5841a275cdc-0.png&s3=26811-934-37c3864df4590def58132a951afc1670-610x440.png
Ozu Castle in Ehime Prefecture where you can win accommodation tickets in the campaign
In the future, Furusato Choice will continue to create potential possibilities for the region by disseminating the appeal of
experiential gifts, strengthen support for local businesses, and realize a sustainable region through the revitalization of the local economy. We aim to
□■ Overview of “Kifutabi” □■
◆ Renewal date: Thursday, November 17, 2022
◆ Site URL: https://www.furusato-tax.jp/kifutabi/
□■ Outline of campaign ■□
◆ Campaign name: Kifutabi Renewal Commemoration The entire castle is reserved! Campaign to win a stay at Ozu Castle
◆ Campaign period: November 17, 2022 (Thursday) to January 4, 2023 (Wednesday) ◆ Number of winners: 2 people per group
◆ Product: Ozu Castle wooden castle tower lodging coupon / gun salute, feudal lord’s meal, castle entry experience included
◆ Campaign URL: https://www.furusato-tax.jp/feature/a/202211_kifutabi_campaign ◆ How to apply: You can apply by meeting all of the following application conditions 1 to 3.
1. Enter in the “Campaign List” on My Page
*The order of entries and donations does not matter.
* The payment method for the campaign is only online payment. 2. During the campaign period, apply for donations of 10,000 yen or more for thank-you items in the “Travel” and “Events and tickets, etc.” category.
*One application per 10,000 yen.
*Only online payments are eligible for payment.
*You can donate to the local government of your choice.
3. Application conditions 3 Enter the latest information in “Member Information” – “Donation Applicant Information” on My Page
*The winning prizes will be sent to the “donor name” and “resident card address” registered in the “donation applicant information”. [Image 3d26811-934-978b4464a01e5b9f39f3-2.png&s3=26811-934-d0b0850deea947c553be730c91c9cc83-1090x520.png
Trust Bank Co., Ltd. (https://www.trustbank.co.jp/)
The vision is to create an independent and sustainable community. Founded in April 2012, in September of the same year, the country’s first hometown tax payment website “Furusato Choice” was opened. The site has grown to become the largest hometown tax payment site in Japan, with more than 1,600 local governments (July 2021), which is over 90% of the country, and more than 420,000 thank-you items (July 2010). In November 2018, we entered the public tech business by grouping with Change Co., Ltd. of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market. In September 2019, “LoGo Chat”, a business chat exclusively for administration, was released, and in March 2020, the
administrative procedure digitization tool “LoGo Form” was released. In addition, we are developing a local currency business that promotes regional economic circulation and an energy business that promotes local production and local consumption of renewable energy.
* No. 1 contracted municipality (in-house research as of July 2021), No. 1 number of thank-you items posted (July 2021 JMRO survey)

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