Furusato’s x Yachiyo Town The third hometown “good thing” gift campaign. Hit the Hitachi beef hamburger!

Sankaku Kikaku Co., Ltd.
[Furusato’s x Yachiyo Town] The third hometown “good thing” gift campaign. Hit the Hitachi beef hamburger!
Experience the good things of your hometown and support your hometown!
Sankaku Kikaku Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Representative Director: Keigo Usagawa) is one of the initiatives of “Furusatozu” to realize a new form of hometown tax during the period from December 1st to December 11th. We will inform you that we will hold a Twitter gift campaign. From those who applied for the campaign, 10 people will be given a “Hitachi beef hamburger” using 100% of the finest Japanese beef that Ibaraki Prefecture is proud of.
[URL] https://campaign.furusatos.com/yachiyo/

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Twitter gift campaign overview
The store-type hometown tax payment “Furusatozu” discovers good things from all over the country every day. Through these activities, I have heard voices like, “Is there anything more I can do for this town, which is my hometown?” I want more people to know about the goodness of your hometown. With that in mind, I started a campaign to deliver (gift) good things from my hometown to people all over the country. We plan to do it regularly.
In the campaign article, we will introduce the story related to the gift. Along with presents, we will give you “new discoveries” and “experiences”. ■ Application period
December 1, 2022 (Thursday) to December 11, 2022 (Sunday)
■ How to apply
STEP 01/ “Follow” the official Twitter account (@furusatoscom) STEP 02/ “Like” the campaign post
STEP 03/ “Retweet” the campaign post
■ Prizes/number of winners
Hitachi beef hamburger (120g) 6 pieces / 10 people
■ Application destination
Click here for the special campaign page:
Click here to post the campaign: *URL will be posted on December 1st. We look forward to receiving many applications from you.
Prize details

[Image 2

Additive-free, coloring-free, preservative-free raw hamburg steak made with 100% of the finest Japanese beef “Hitachi beef” that Ibaraki Prefecture is proud of. Instead of onions, we use Chinese cabbage, which Yachiyo Town boasts the largest production volume in Japan. The seasoning is simple so that you can fully enjoy the umami of Hitachi beef, and you can enjoy the authentic restaurant taste just by grilling.
Each product is vacuum-packed and delivered, making it convenient for both storage and cooking.
By all means, please enjoy the gravy and delicious taste of Hitachi beef that can only be enjoyed with raw hamburgers!
[Table 3: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/52051/table/30_1_8ded214859b4dcbea888459b09ff46c7.jpg ]

■ I・H-Suzuran Co., Ltd.
A group company of Suzuran Road House Co., Ltd., which produces and operates popular restaurants in Ibaraki Prefecture, “Umi to Daichi no Gochisoya Suzuran” and “Ramen Suzuran.” We manufacture and sell locally produced and locally consumed products.

About Yachiyo Town
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Yachiyo Town, Ibaraki Prefecture, is a town rich in nature with the rich flow of the Kinugawa River and vast countryside.
It is a major food production base in the Tokyo metropolitan area, developing suburban agriculture such as rice cultivation, fruit trees, and livestock farming, with a focus on vegetables. In addition, processed foods such as pickles, country miso, and naturally brewed soy sauce that make use of fresh local produce are also popular. Yachiyo Town Official Homepage: https://www.town.ibaraki-yachiyo.lg.jp/ ▼ Click here for a list of stores that have introduced “Furusatozu”
[Table 4: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/52051/table/30_2_746999920b40d0cf793821093d4d32ab.jpg ]

About “Furusatozu”
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“Furusato’s” is a service that allows you to make a direct donation on the spot at a store or facility in the land you visit and receive a gift immediately on the spot. Rather than choosing gifts as if they were online shops, we ask them to choose gifts and experience gifts based on the attractions of the places they visit, which leads to donations. The feature is that it is easier to experience the community, and we hope that you will become a fan of the community and local government through the local charm.
Five features of store-type hometown tax (R) “Furusatozu”
1. After donating at the site*, you can receive the gift immediately on the spot (* advance payment is also possible)
2. Can be used for experiences and services
3. You can experience the charm of the region locally
4. Contribute to the revitalization of local businesses
5. The town and businesses can both communicate the appeal of the town About Sankaku Kikaku Co., Ltd.
[Image 5

Sankaku Kikaku is a local venture company that uses the power of design and planning to bring out the latent value of the region and create an interesting daily life by bringing about change in the region. We will move the project as a team while making use of each specialty. We value the concept of user-centered design, designing everything the user experiences. We accompany characters from many regions, such as companies, governments, and educational institutions, and challenge and grow together.
[Business description]
・ Design business (https://suncackikaku.com/works)
(Website production / EC production / various design production / video production / SNS marketing / EC operation support / event planning / advertising operation agency / career education etc.) ・ “Furusatos” (https://furusatos.com/)
*Trademark registration
“Store type hometown tax” Business application 2021-068721
“Mobile order hometown tax” Business application 2021-068722 “Golf course de hometown tax” Business application 2021-164066 “Experience-based hometown tax” Business application 2022-52069 * Business model patent pending (application number: 2022-094343) ・ Hometown tax management business
・ “Inspection Notice” (https://osirase.jp/)
・Industry-academia-government collaboration business
[Basic overview]
Company name: Sankaku Kikaku Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Keigo Usagawa
Location: 934-1 Fujimitsucho, Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture Established: July 2017
URL: https://suncackikaku.com/
-Inquiries from local governments, companies, etc.-
TEL: 050-5444-4054
e-mail: furusatos@suncackikaku.co.jp
Sankaku Kikaku Co., Ltd. Usagawa
-Press inquiries regarding this release-
TEL: 0942-65-7337
e-mail: ask@suncackikaku.co.jp
Sankaku Kikaku Co., Ltd. Human Resources and Public Relations Nakajima

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