Furuya Ryokan, the oldest hot spring inn in Atami, has newly added 6 guest rooms with indoor open-air baths. Adopting domestic natural cypress and kumiko work, reopening on November 15

Furuya Ryokan Joint Stock Company
Furuya Ryokan, the oldest hot spring inn in Atami, has newly added 6 guest rooms with indoor open-air baths. Adopting domestic natural cypress and kumiko work, reopening on November 15
Increase in customer satisfaction and average spend per customer due to major renovations and service improvements over the medium term
Furuya Ryokan (Representative: Soichiro Uchida), a joint-stock company that manages Furuya Ryokan, the oldest hot spring inn in Atami, founded in 1806, closed the entire building for about a month to carry out renovation work on the guest rooms. Recently, 6 guest rooms with all-weather “indoor open-air baths” have been completed and reopened on November 15th.
In the last five years, we have begun to renovate guest rooms, open workspaces, introduce equipment to combat the spread of COVID-19, and build a new women’s dormitory. As a result, we have improved customer satisfaction and increased average spending per customer.
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Guest room with an indoor open-air bath with a cypress source Background of renewal
Due to the corona crisis, there is a growing need for guest room baths that can be used privately. Last year, 4 guest rooms in the annex building were renewed with all-weather indoor open-air baths, and the occupancy rate exceeds 90%.
This time, we will be closed for about a month from September 26th for construction work, and we have completely renovated 6 of the guest rooms in the main building. It was reborn as an original guest room of Furuya Ryokan that pursues traditional culture and modern comfort as a long-established inn, and reopened on November 15th. We are currently fully booked for the rest of the year.
Three points of renewal
1. Offer an all-weather indoor open-air bath in a bathtub made of Japanese cypress
We have created an indoor open-air bath with external electric blinds. The bathtub is made entirely of cypress, and you can feel the warmth of the cypress and the traditions and Japanese culture that Furuya Ryokan has cultivated.
The hot spring is one of the famous hot springs owned by the hotel, and one of the seven hot springs of Atami, “Seizaemon no Yu”, can be enjoyed 24 hours a day while feeling the outdoor air.
You can enjoy the 100% natural hot spring in the indoor bath without using any circulation or overheating equipment.
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“Indoor open-air bath” with “Seizaemon no Yu” owned by Furuya Ryokan 2. A combination of traditional Japanese hot spring ryokan facilities and modernity
For the renovation, we returned to the skeleton once and started the renovation work of the room from scratch.
The pillars and beams of the guest rooms are also made of Japanese cypress. The shoji screens and transoms use the traditional
woodworking technique “Kumiko Zaiku” to create a high-quality space from the details.
Four of the six rooms have Western-style tables and chairs instead of low tables and legless chairs to meet the needs of customers with bad legs and recent needs.
On the other hand, we have carefully preserved the framework of a Japanese ryokan, sticking to “room meals and futon laying”.
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Production using “Kumiko Zaiku”
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Rooms that balance tradition and modernity
3. Installation of new coronavirus infectious disease countermeasure equipment All rooms are equipped with “IonSupply,” a downlight-type deodorizing and sterilizing device that is also used in medical institutions. A mixture of low-concentration ozone and negative ions continues to be emitted from the ceiling for 24 hours, and it is recognized to be effective against coronavirus as well as deodorizing.
All rooms are equipped with an air sterilization deodorizing device “Aeropure” equipped with deep UV LEDs. It is thought to be effective against the new coronavirus, etc., because it destroys and inactivates the DNA of bacteria and viruses by exposing them to deep UV LED light. Renewal guest room overview
13.5 tatami Japanese-style room + cypress source indoor open-air bath (from 68 square meters)
Capacity 4 people, 2 rooms in total
12.5 tatami Japanese-style room + cypress source indoor open-air bath (from 54 square meters)
Capacity 3 people, 4 rooms in total
Renewal and new business in the last 5 years
2018: Lobby renewal
2020: Renewal of the women’s public bath
2020: Female dormitory construction
2021: Opening of Montblanc specialty store “Japanese chestnut confectionery kiito -Raw silk-” (Ginza-cho, Atami)
2021: 4 detached guest rooms with open-air baths will be reopened 2022: Library and work space “Second Lobby Book Reading Traveler” opens in the outbuilding
2022: Renewal opening of 6 guest rooms with open-air baths
At the same time, as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus infection, we have started to introduce cutting-edge equipment such as a “low-concentration ozone generator” and a “space disinfection deodorizer” equipped with deep UV LEDs.
We have continued to invest in order to increase the added value as a long-established hot spring inn. The total unit consumption per customer has recently increased from about 35,000 yen before the corona crisis to about 46,000 yen, contributing to financial improvement. Through forward-looking management, we aim to further improve the safety and comfort of our customers.
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“Second Lobby Book Reading Traveler” in the outbuilding
Representative message
We pursued a traditional long-established hot spring inn where you can feel the warmth of wood and modernity in the city.
We have been doing business in Atami for more than 200 years and will continue to exist in the future, so while valuing history and tradition, we will continue to be a presence that makes you want to come back to Atami in the new era.
■ Release company profile
Company name: Furuya Ryokan Joint Stock Company
Representative: Soichiro Uchida, Representative Director
Address: 5-24 Higashikaigancho, Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture HP: https://atami-furuya.co.jp

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