Futaba Co., Ltd. The 7th “Project to Transmit Japanese Culture in English”, an online seminar to learn “New Year’s card culture” in English will be held on Saturday, December 10th.

Futaba Corporation
The 7th “Project to Transmit Japanese Culture in English”, an online seminar to learn “New Year’s card culture” in English will be held on Saturday, December 10th.
-A guest appearance at a seminar to learn the customs and history of “New Year’s cards” in English-

Futaba Co., Ltd. (head office: Showa-ku, Nagoya, Representative Director: Takashi Ichikawa), which has been involved in New Year’s card printing for more than 45 years since its founding, operates English conversation classes Aeon Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Takato Yamazaki) will participate as a guest in a seminar on the theme of “New Year’s card culture” in the 7th project of “Transmitting Japanese Culture in English”. It will be held online from 14:00 on Saturday, December 10, 2022.
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What is the “Transmission of Japanese Culture in English Project” to learn about Japan that even Japanese people don’t know about? In March 2021, AEON Co., Ltd. launched the “Japanese Culture in English Project” with the aim of conveying Japanese culture to the world in English. So far, we have covered “Japanese culture that even Japanese people don’t know”, such as “carp streamers”, “miso”, “sake”, and “ekiben”. This time it will be the 7th installment.
Learn English expressions related to the traditional Japanese culture “New Year’s card culture”
This time, supervised by Futaba Co., Ltd., instructors from AEON Co., Ltd. will serve as instructors on the Japanese culture of “New Year’s cards.” Participants will participate in quizzes and introduce the history of New Year’s cards in English. In addition, we will practice English phrases for answering in English to questions on New Year’s cards that foreigners often ask. At the end of the seminar, there will be a corner to answer questions solicited from the participants in advance. Throughout the seminar, the Japanese staff of AEON Co., Ltd. will support the participants in Japanese, so even beginners of English can participate with peace of mind.
■Course overview
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■Course content
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■ Profile of speakers
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Mr. Johnny Fu, Aeon Co., Ltd.
Born in New York, USA. Joined Aeon in 2013. After coming to Japan, I was in charge of a wide range of conversation classes from kids to adults at Aeon Ikebukuro main school (Tokyo) as a school teacher. Belonging to the New Business Development Department at the Tokyo Head Office from 2021, and currently working as a new business project member. His hobbies include playing video games, watching baseball, and cooking.
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Ai Ito, Aeon Co., Ltd.
Born in Tokyo. Joined AEON in 2007. After working as a manager at multiple Aeon Schools and in the Public Relations Section of the Tokyo Headquarters, he will be in the New Business Development Department from 2021. Currently in charge of planning and managing online events for kids and adults, and creating content for English conversation apps. Mother of 2 children.
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Futaba Corporation Managing Director Soichiro Ichikawa
Joined Futaba Corporation in 2014 after working for a life insurance company. Current position from 2020. Redefining the company philosophy on the 50th anniversary of its founding
“NEXT50 Project” started. Engaged in organization building and new business development.
[About Aeon Co., Ltd.]
Since its founding in 1973, AEON Co., Ltd. has aimed to develop human resources who can pass the world through language education. We have developed original teaching materials to improve our English, and hired Japanese and foreign teachers with excellent teaching skills and personalities. Through effective lessons that make use of each student’s strengths, we help learners overcome their weaknesses while improving their communication skills, acquire English skills that can be used in everyday English conversation and business, and support them in obtaining qualifications. Since 2018, we have been a member of the KDDI Group, and are working to provide services by promoting EdTech that combines the English education know-how of Aeon Co., Ltd. and the information and communication technology of the KDDI Group. ◆ Aeon Co., Ltd. Official HP: https://www.aeonet.co.jp
[About Futaba Corporation]
Futaba Co., Ltd. provides New Year’s card printing services, plans and sells celebration bags (pochi bags), develops character goods (gifts), and provides photo books (photo organizing apps).
The New Year’s card printing business is centered on two pillars: New Year’s card sales in packs at mass retailers, supermarkets, specialty stores, convenience stores, etc. nationwide, and name printing service, which is an order service. In an internet survey of New Year’s card printing services, it was ranked in five categories: “Good quality New Year’s cards,” “High-quality New Year’s cards,”
“Low-priced New Year’s cards,” “Low price per 50 New Year’s cards,” and “Printing company with high printing technology.” Selected as 1st place. The order service is a convenient service that offers original designs by more than 50 designers, as well as free address printing and shipping to your home. You can also use the illustration design of the popular original character “Panda Tapu Tapu”.
◆ “New Year’s card is Futaba”: https://futabannga.jp/
■ New Year’s Card Museum
The New Year’s Card Museum is a comprehensive museum on the web that displays the culture of New Year’s cards, which has been put together by Futaba, which has been involved in New Year’s card printing for over 45 years since its founding. You can easily understand Japanese New Year’s card culture, focusing on the history, sexagenary cycle, and New Year’s cards of famous people. In addition, in the New Year’s card exhibition room, we will introduce various New Year’s cards that reflect the universal desire to “communicate the joy of the new year”. Please use it once as an opportunity to re-recognize the unique Japanese culture “New Year’s card” that respects etiquette and emphasizes the connection between people.
◆ “New Year’s Card Museum”: https://futabanenga.jp/blog/hakubutsukan/ Details about this release:


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