Futako Tamagawa Tsutaya Electrics Small dryer “ESTILO” that can be placed anywhere will start pre-order from 11/18 (Fri.)

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[Futako Tamagawa Tsutaya Electrics] Small dryer “ESTILO” that can be placed anywhere will start pre-order from 11/18 (Fri.)
Fluffy in as little as 10 minutes! Equipped with an AI heater, it can also handle delicate clothing.

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https://store.tsite.jp/futakotamagawa/news/electronics/30165-2005461114.html Futako Tamagawa Tsutaya Electrics (Setagaya Ward, Tokyo) 1st floor residential floor and Tsutaya Electrics online store will be accepting pre-orders for the compact, large-capacity small dryer “ESTILO” that can dry “20 towels easily” from November 2022. It will start on the 18th (Friday).
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“ESTILO” is a high-performance compact clothes dryer that is easy to install, protects clothes, and dries them thoroughly. You can dry up to 3 kg of clothes in a compact size that can be placed in an apartment or a small apartment. It can dry shoes and delicate fabrics without losing their shape. It does not require drainage equipment and can be used immediately by connecting an outlet.
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Features of small dryer “ESTILO”
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-Compact and large capacity-
Approximately 3 kg for a family of 3, and 20 pieces of face towels can be thoroughly dried. You don’t have to worry about where to put it in a single room, apartment or condominium.
-High performance and high efficiency drying capacity-
Equipped with 5 courses “standard, strong, small amount fast, careful, refresh” that can handle everything from firm drying to soft drying and deodorizing. Because it is specialized in drying function, it can dry even delicate silk and wool. Revive the original soft texture of the fabric and create a soft and fluffy finish! Time can be set from 10 minutes.
Clothing is susceptible to damage at temperatures in the latter half of 60°C to over 70°C. ESTILO adjusts itself within 60°C for optimum drying of clothes.
1. Standard course: Max. 60°C Dry with hot air and blower.
2. Powerful course: Dry only with hot air at a maximum of about 60°C. 3. Small amount fast course: Max. 60℃ Dry with hot air and blower. (dry capacity 1 kg or less)
4. Careful course: Dry only with warm air at a maximum of about 40°C. 5. Refresh course: Dry by blowing air. Recommended for removing dust and ventilation from clothes that have been stored for a long time, such as changing clothes. It is a course that also deodorizes. -Triple filters catch dust from clothes-
The exhaust filter has a triple structure. Catch dust hidden in clothes and pet hair while drying. Reduce dust. Maintenance is easy as you only need to replace the replacement filter (sold separately). -Shoes, stuffed animals, and delicate cloth products-
You can easily dry shoes that are difficult to dry and children’s stuffed animals that you want to keep clean by setting the attached net.
A heat prevention sensor monitors the temperature and controls the temperature so that the clothes do not get too hot, so it can be used for delicate fabrics.
-Energy saving design-
Equipped with two AI-PTC heaters. AI controls power efficiently. Even if you use it once for an hour, it costs only 19 yen *1 . It is a capable heater that is effective in reducing power consumption. It also has a deodorizing function, and two PTC heaters work as multi-channels to control operating temperature and power consumption with optimum efficiency.
-Silent & Low Vibration-
ESTILO’s operating noise is 45.6dB *2, which is the same level as daily life noise (40dB).
-Simple and flat design-
A simple, neat and flat design that does not disturb the scenery of the room. Blends into your living room or laundry space. There are two colors, clean white and stylish pearl silver.
-Can be installed in various locations-
Simply place ESTILO where you want to use it, plug it into an outlet, and it’s ready to use the day you receive it. No troublesome drainage system is required. (We recommend using a ground wire.)
*1: Research by Mikimori Co., Ltd. Based on TEPCO, calculated at 700 watts. It may differ depending on the contract conditions with the power company you are contracting with, the usage conditions, and the environment.
*2: Noise test conducted at KCL (Korea National Authorized Testing Center) Product information
[Image 5d9848-1187-b50791cd49d476edcca5-12.jpg&s3=9848-1187-6d779c3ccfed1d8c189bb7d36bd2f522-640x426.jpg
Product name ESTILO
Selling price 49,800 yen (tax included)
Release date: Scheduled for mid-December 2022
Color Pearl silver, pure white
Size Width 40 cm x Height 63.1 cm x Depth 41.8 cm
Weight body about 17kg
Drying capacity max. 3 kg (standard 2.5 kg)
Drying time standard course standard (2 hours 24 minutes), shortest (10 minutes) Filter structure: PTC heater rear double filter (exhaust part), full intake filter (intake part)
Rated power consumption 700W Rated voltage
Frequency 100V 50/60Hz AC
Bundled items/accessories 1 main unit (power cable length 1.5 m), 1 instruction manual (with warranty), 1 main unit filter case, 1 lint filter, 4 exhaust filters, 2 intake filters , 1 multi drying tray Certification Japan PSE, Europe CE, Korea KC, China CVC
Test Noise test/Deodorant test
Standard usage period 7 years by design
Warranty period 1 year
Country of origin South Korea
Import distributor Mikimori Co., Ltd.
ESTILO will start pre-ordering on November 18, 2022 (Friday) at Futako Tamagawa Tsutaya Home Appliances 1F Living Floor and Tsutaya Home Appliances Online Store.
(Tsutaya Bookstore Online Store)
https://store.tsite.jp/goods/search_list.html?input_search_word=ESTILO (Yahoo! Shopping)
https://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ftk-tsutayaelectrics/search.html?p=ESTILO store information
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Futako Tamagawa Tsutaya Electric Appliances
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A new style home appliance store where the concierge proposes a lifestyle in the BOOK & CAFE space. In addition to home appliances, it is a place full of art and technology that sells interiors, books, miscellaneous goods, etc. that will make your daily life more exciting.
In addition, there is a shared lounge that can be used as a cafe, bar, or office, and a renovation showroom where you can meet your own home and lifestyle, providing exciting and high-quality time.
Address: Futako Tamagawa Rise S.C. Terrace Market, 1-14-1 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Phone number: 03-5491-8550 (representative)
* Futako Tamagawa Tsutaya Electric Appliances has shortened business hours as a measure to prevent the spread of new coronavirus
infections. Please check the homepage for details.
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