FUWARI Co., Ltd. Announcing a new collaborative NFT work created by an illustrator and a Kyo Yuzen design draw ing “Draft”. The beauty of traditional crafts, which remains unchanged through the ages, shines in modern times alon g with digital technol

FUWARI Co., Ltd.
A new collaboration NFT work created by Kyo-Yuzen design drawing “Draft” and illustrator is announced. The beauty of traditional crafts, which remains unchanged through the ages, shines in modern times along with digital technology and Japanese content culture. The two illustrators have released a collaborative work of Kyo Yuzen x illustration, drawn from their own perspectives.

FUWARI Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as FUWARI) will soon start selling at the NFT marketplace “HINATA” operated by the company. We will release the collaboration illustration work.
Kyoto Yuzen “Draft” x Contemporary Ukiyo-e Artist “Ono Tako” [Image 1

The draft used (left) and the work by Mr. Ono Tako, Spring Yumeji -Yo- A contemporary ukiyo-e artist “Ono Tako” who draws various designs in the style of ukiyo-e, regardless of whether it is western or eastern. With the draft “●●” in the background, he beautifully drew a beautiful woman with gentle lines.
In order to convey the beauty of the lines in the draft, I focused on the background. It is finished in a work that harmonizes the character and the background.
Although this work is an ukiyo-e, it depicts a modern woman, expressing universal beauty and ideals by fusing the traditional beauty of Kyo-Yuzen and ukiyo-e with modern beauty.
A total of 6 works are planned to be sold in two variations: “Yang” with a soft and warm impression and “Yin” with a moist and quiet impression.
[Ono Octopus]
With a focus on beautiful Japanese and Ukiyo-e style illustrations, he is active in a wide range of fields, from social games to literary exhibitions held by local governments.
Not only female characters, but also classic Japanese styles such as Nio statues and Kabuki are drawn vividly.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ono800
Kyoto Yuzen “Draft” x up-and-coming illustrator “Omelette Tomato”

[Image 2

The draft used (left) and the work “Mochizuki” by “Omelette Tomato” “Omelette Tomato”, an illustrator who is rapidly gaining popularity with her illustrations of pretty girls.
Using three kinds of drafts that beautifully depict Japanese nature, a girl with a beautiful looking back is drawn.
From the point of view of creators who work on Moe illustrations, we explored the “common points between Kyo Yuzen and Moe Illustrations”, and created works that fuse the two cultures not as opposites, but as harmonious ones. feel at the same time.
A total of 8 works, 3 variations of “Dawn,” “Sunrise,” and
“Mochizuki,” which express the same expression of the sky over time, will be on sale.
[omelette tomato]
Worked on many project illustrations for major companies such as Melonbooks, Dengeki Moeoh, and DMMGAMES.
Specializes in illustrations of girls who are particular about clothing such as ethnic costumes and lingerie.
web: http://omutoma.tumblr.com
A new challenge for Kyo-Yuzen
[Image 3d93068-17-70de325fed32ff96ebd1-2.jpg&s3=93068-17-602a36dc407a4a6856e321b25be3d076-900x360.jpg
“HINATA” is promoting the “KYO “NEXT” YUZEN” project launched together with Sekiya Dyeing Co., Ltd.
The “KYO “NEXT” YUZEN” project converts “drafts” created as Kyo-Yuzen design drawings into digital data and converts them into NFTs to preserve traditional Kyo-Yuzen designs and pass them on to future generations. The purpose is that.
In addition, we actively create new imaginations by combining the ideas of contemporary artists and creators of each genre with the traditional craft of Kyo Yuzen.
KYO “NEXT” YUZEN (https://www.official.hinata-nft.com/sekiya-sensyoku/) We welcome artists and creators of any genre, such as illustrators, photographers, calligraphers, and designers. We are looking forward to new challenges along with the historical Kyo-Yuzen!
Contact: info@hinata-nft.com
For artists, creators, and all those who create works and content. At “HINATA”, we are carrying out various initiatives to support the activities of creators, such as collaboration between creators through NFT, special projects and feature articles for each creator, and we would like to exhibit our works! I want to challenge new creations through collaboration! We always welcome such creators.
The new digital world that NFT opens will expand your possibilities infinitely. Ready to take your creativity to the next level? Please feel free to contact us first.
Contact: info@hinata-nft.com
NFT Marketplace “HINATA”
An NFT platform that supports all kinds of creatives with the motto “Sunshine for all creators”.
In addition, we aim to utilize NFT technology as a more familiar and realistic existence.
In addition to digital art, illustrations, and photographs that are often handled by NFT, we are launching a wide variety of projects that are not bound by frameworks, such as hotel memberships and marriage certificates. We also have a lot of stories. We will continue to propose fun and attractive ways to interact with NFT.
・NFT marriage certificate (https://www.official.hinata-nft.com/wedding-nft/) ・ Resort hotel NFT membership
(https://www.official.hinata-nft.com/voyan-resort-fuji-yamanakako/) ・ Children’s cafeteria donation NFT
・ Cherry tree planting owner NFT
Details about this release:


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