G-FACTOR released smart rearview mirror H63S Pro equipped with 3 cameras with infrared in-vehicle camera that is strong for nighttime parking recording

G-FACTOR released smart rearview mirror H63S Pro equipped with 3 cameras with infrared in-vehicle camera that is strong for nighttime parking recording

G-factory (Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture), an automotive parts manufacturer with a large lineup of topical mirror-type drive recorders, has launched the H63S Pro, a high-spec model with a smart rearview mirror front and rear drive recorder.
The front and rear cameras + the in-vehicle camera are all independent camera kits, so you can record 3 cameras simultaneously while driving, as well as the industry’s longest 48-hour time-lapse recording while parking, and the infrared in-vehicle camera will record well even at night.
The image quality is 2K (2560 x 1440P) front and rear, and supports high-quality recording of FullHD (1920 x 1080P) inside the car. In addition, the H63S Pro is now available with all the best features such as high-resolution LCD, GPS function, parking surveillance recording and one-flick zoom.
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[Product URL] https://www.g-corp.co.jp/gfo/smart_room_mirror/srm_h63s/ ■2K anteroposterior camera + full HD in-vehicle camera record clearly. [Image 2d109546-6-dacf1180620e44802fdc-3.jpg&s3=109546-6-3236297f88907ca8c110d8af0059a389-750x750.jpg
[Image 3d109546-6-961f19d75559c0fc371d-4.jpg&s3=109546-6-d24d9d26380b6dbc0c085688f5c72246-3000x2001.jpg
■11.8 inch big screen. Trapezoidal design considering visor interference The screen resolution is high at 1920 x 440, which is very beautiful, and at the same time, the trapezoidal design that makes it difficult for the visor to interfere is a point that achieves both practicality and a large screen.
[Image 4d109546-6-8d891b11f4dae4b40065-7.jpg&s3=109546-6-96593cf21fe1f6ee3ad9691bf5e34018-3000x2001.jpg

■All 3 cameras are separate types. It can be installed in any position regardless of the vehicle type.
The front camera is an integrated type with a built-in GPS antenna, the interior camera is an infrared camera that can record in the dark, and the rear camera is an IP67 waterproof camera that can be used both inside and outside the vehicle. We have adopted a camera that fits the right person in the right place.
■ One-flick zoom function that realizes a view that does not feel uncomfortable from the genuine mirror
[Image 5d109546-6-04d4d09ab3a2f9a7cd2a-6.jpg&s3=109546-6-c525fcc8f9e87d34ff40fd54854a748f-3000x2001.jpg
Digital mirrors have the advantage of being able to see a wide range of areas such as blind spots that cannot be seen with genuine mirrors, but if you switch from genuine mirrors, you may feel uncomfortable because the car looks smaller.
Therefore, this product is equipped with a zoom function that allows you to adjust the same view even if you switch from the genuine mirror. Seamless scaling is possible by flicking the right edge of the screen up and down with your finger.
As a drive recorder while driving. As a security camera while parked. While driving, it is used as a digital mirror for rear confirmation + high-quality drive recorder. If you are unfamiliar with digital mirrors, you can turn on only the recording function while in the mirror state.
While parked, the industry’s longest 48-hour time-lapse recording is possible while supplying power from the vehicle battery.
Equipped with an infrared camera that can record even if you aim at the car at night.
[Image 6d109546-6-7ca2ade81c13d0cf07c4-8.jpg&s3=109546-6-08e38a9f7f63f75ab3caed9ddcacd64d-1920x1080.jpg
*Equipped with a safe protection function that automatically stops the power supply when the voltage reaches the set voltage while monitoring the vehicle battery during recording.
[Image 7d109546-6-18a0399b13546e9b63a8-9.jpg&s3=109546-6-924c8cadc12b942493518b6d250a6d02-3500x2334.jpg
Product Summary
・Product name: Smart room mirror H63S Pro with front and rear drive recorder ・Price: ¥46,200 (tax included)
・Screen size: 11.8-inch full-screen IPS liquid crystal (screen resolution 1920 x 440)
・Front/rear camera resolution: 2K (2560 x 1440P) with SONY STARVIS ・In-vehicle camera resolution: FullHD (1920 x 1080P) infrared camera ・Operating voltage: DC12V
・Supported memory card: microSD card 8-128GB compatible (64GB high endurance included)
・Installation method: Installed over the genuine mirror. Rear camera for both inside and outside the vehicle
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H63S Pro        https://www.g-corp.co.jp/gfo/smart_room_mirror/srm_h63s/ Click here to request
https://www.g-corp.co.jp/shop/products/detail.php?product_id=525 Amazon https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B0B8Y8J4J4?ref=myi_title_dp Rakuten Ichiba https://item.rakuten.co.jp/g-factory-ri/10004414/ Yahoo shopping https://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/gfactory/10004414.html au PAY Market https://wowma.jp/item/594347899
【Company Profile】
Company name: G Corporation Co., Ltd. G-FACTORY Division
Head office location: 2-1-2F, Toyocho, Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture Representative Director: Takeshi Watanabe
Business: Planning and sales of automotive supplies
Established: November 1990
HP: https://www.g-corp.co.jp/gfo/

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