G-STARTUP to hold alumni event for the first time! Entrepreneurs who participated in the 1st to 5th batches gather to form an entrepreneurial community that mutually enhances each other and grows into a unicorn

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G-STARTUP to hold alumni event for the first time! Entrepreneurs who participated in the 1st to 5th batches gather to form an
entrepreneurial community that mutually enhances each other and grows into a unicorn

Globis (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, Representative: Yoshito Hori) will hold an alumni event for the accelerator program “G-STARTUP”
(https://g-startup.jp/) for startup companies on November 9th (Wednesday). has been held. Since the start of 2019, it was the first event to gather entrepreneurs (alumni) who have graduated from the past five programs, and celebrated their reunion after a long absence. [Image 1

This alumni event is held for the purpose of creating a better community by encouraging entrepreneurs who have graduated from G-STARTUP to have a higher perspective as unicorn managers, deepen relationships that support each other, and create a better community. In the first part of the event, Mr. Hori, the representative of the company, gave a special lecture, “Strategy and Vision of GLOBIS, an ecosystem of people, money, and knowledge.” He spoke and encouraged the gathered entrepreneurs. Next, “Alumni Pitch – Series A Procurement Facts and Investment Hypotheses” was held. Mr. Takateru Igawa, CEO of Buzzreach Co., Ltd. and Mr. Ayumu Aoki, CEO of AI Security Lab Co., Ltd., who received funding from GLOBIS CAPITAL PARTNERS after adopting G-STARTUP, took the stage on behalf of the alumni. The two companies shared their growth trajectories after participating in the program, and during the Q&A session, questions and opinions about the strategies of each company flew around, deepening mutual learning. [Image 2

In the second part, a large networking event was held. Entrepreneurs from the 1st to 5th Batch shared their interests and concerns and had a great time. With drinks and food in one hand, we rejoiced at the reunion after a long time while comfortable music was playing. [Image 3

After G-STARTUP started in 2019, 149 companies were selected in three years. Recruit and adopt entrepreneurs who are willing to change the industrial structure and change society, and support business development through a three-month program. It is the largest accelerator program in Japan aimed at purely supporting the growth of startups, while the main programs are collaborations with large companies and cooperation with local governments. By utilizing the know-how and network of Globis, which has operated venture capital for many years, we are building an environment that allows us to provide end-to-end support from the time of foundation to unicorns.
The next 6th Batch is scheduled to start accepting applications on December 5th (Monday), and we plan to adopt a wider variety of startups than ever before, regardless of field, such as deep tech startups and social entrepreneurs. On the official website, we have opened a year-round window (Office Hour) where entrepreneurs can easily consult about businesses and applications.
■ 6th Batch Recruitment Overview
Recruitment start date: December 5 (Monday)
Official site: https://g-startup.jp/ *Consultation about business and application is possible from the Office Hour reservation button G-STARTUP will continue to deepen learning through the community with alumni and aim to improve the startup ecosystem in order to build a platform that will produce 100 unicorns.
◆ GLOBIS (https://www.globis.co.jp)
Since its establishment in 1992, GLOBIS has developed various businesses under the vision of “Creating an ecosystem of people, money, and knowledge related to management, and creating and transforming society.” In terms of “people,” we have the “GLOBIS Graduate School of Management” as an educational corporation, the “GLOBIS Executive School” and “GLOBIS Management School” as schools, and the GLOBIS Corporate Education, which conducts in-house training. GLOBIS Digital Platform, which provides e-learning and online classes as well as fixed-price video learning service “GLOBIS Unlimited Learning”.・Partners” and “Chie” are being promoted through the publishing business and the information dissemination site/app “GLOBIS Knowledge Record”. Furthermore, in order to promote creation and change in society, we are developing conference management by general incorporated association G1, earthquake reconstruction support and social impact investment by general incorporated foundation KIBOW. GLOBIS:
GLOBIS Graduate School of Management
・Japanese (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, Fukuoka, online) / English (Tokyo, online)
Globis Co., Ltd.
・Globis Executive School
・Globis Management School
・In-house training
・”GLOBIS Knowledge Record” / “GLOBIS Insights”
・”GLOBIS Learning Unlimited” / “GLOBIS Unlimited”
Globis Capital Partners Co., Ltd.
Gu Hesi (Shanghai) Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. GLOBIS ASIA CAMPUS PTE. LTD.
GLOBIS Thailand Co. Ltd.
Other activities:
・General Incorporated Association G1
・General Incorporated Foundation KIBOW
・Ibaraki Robots Sports Entertainment Co., Ltd.
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GLOBIS Public Relations Office Contact: Natsuki Tamura, Ryo Dobashi E-MAIL: pr-info@globis.com
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