GA technologies Co., Ltd. Started “RENOSY land utilization consultation desk” for people who will inherit land in the future

GA technologies Co., Ltd.
Start of “RENOSY Land Utilization Consultation Desk” for people who will inherit land in the future
-A new “accompaniment type” service that transforms land “worries and issues” into “assets”-

GA technologies Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Ryu Higuchi, Securities code: 3491, hereinafter “our company”), which operates the online real estate marketplace “RENOSY” , We will start the “RENOSY Land Utilization Consultation Desk”, a service for those who have worries and issues related to land ownership and inheritance.
◆ “RENOSY land utilization consultation desk” service site [Image 1

◆ Background and prospects for service launch
According to a customer survey conducted by our company, we found that 21.7% of customers have a need for “sales of properties and land” (*1).
[Image 3d21066-244-284e832b31894b01f286-2.png&s3=21066-244-f770305c3e8e74ba3da221c2a45be850-1920x1080.png
While we see these needs, actual customers
“I talked to my family (about the land), but there was no policy on how to proceed, and I had an experience that ended in a blur, so in the end nothing was done (female, 30s, self-employed).”
“My parents’ house is far away, and I have to think about what to do eventually, but I’ve been putting it off because it’s for the future (male office worker in his 40s).”
“I started moving after it was decided that I would inherit the land, but I didn’t expect the inheritance tax to be so high. I should have started earlier.” (Male, 50s, civil servant)
There is a voice saying.
Based on these, we will start the “RENOSY Land Utilization
Consultation Desk” service to meet the needs of “I want you to accompany me to solve your problems without ending with a proposal.” [Image 4d21066-244-5ec684e8d6fc76356fd6-3.png&s3=21066-244-aa4bdd3567e2118c86be156e953694bb-1920x1080.png
Currently, there are more than 100 cooperating companies that carry out construction for land utilization in this service, and they continue to expand nationwide. Since we can provide support all over the country, we can solve problems such as “I live far from my parents’ house and am worried about the future” and “I’m in trouble because I don’t pay attention to land other than my home.” The idea is to contribute to the revitalization of a certain idle land.
*1 From June 24, 2022 to July 2, 2022, a “questionnaire on service expansion” was conducted for 6,544 RENOSY members, and the total number of valid responses was 492.
About the online real estate marketplace “RENOSY”
RENOSY is an online real estate marketplace provided by GA
technologies Co., Ltd., whose management philosophy is to create a world-class company that inspires people through technology and innovation. Based on the concept of “easier housing search and asset management,” we are able to “rent,” “buy,” “sell,” “lend,” “renovate,” and “invest” in real estate. We operate a real estate information website. With a cumulative total of about 300,000 members, we are working to improve the customer experience related to both online and offline housing while promoting the efficiency of analog and opaque real estate operations.
*The number of RENOSY members is as of the end of May 2022.
◆ Overview of GA Technologies
GA technologies Co., Ltd. is a real estate tech company working to transform the real estate business with the philosophy of “creating the world’s top company that creates excitement for people with technology and innovation.” Five years after its founding in 2013, it was listed on the Growth Market (formerly the Mothers Market), and in the three years since its listing, it has achieved rapid growth, including M&A of eight companies.
In 2017, the first (*) AI division in the real estate industry was formed, and from 2020 to 2022, it was selected as a “DX brand” for three consecutive years (the only one in the growth market), leading real estate tech.
(*) Our research
Company name: GA technologies Co., Ltd.
Representative: Ryu Higuchi, Representative Director, President and CEO URL:
Headquarters: Sumitomo Realty & Development Roppongi Grand Tower 40F, 3-2-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: March 2013
Capital: 7,225,767,228 yen (as of July 31, 2022)
Business description:
・Development and operation of online real estate marketplace “RENOSY” ・Development of SaaS-type BtoB PropTech products
Group companies: Itanji Co., Ltd., RENOSY PLUS Co., Ltd., and 11 other companies such as Kamui Second San Co., Ltd.
◆ Major Awards
・2020-2022: Selected for the third consecutive year in the FT 1000: High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific, a ranking of the fastest growing companies in the Asia-Pacific region jointly conducted by the Financial Times and Statista.
・ 2022: Ranked 23rd in the “2022 Rapid Growth Companies in Japan (Ranking of 100 companies with increased sales)” jointly conducted by Nikkei Business and German research company Statista
・2020-2022: Selected for the third consecutive year as a “Digital Transformation Stock (DX Stock)” jointly implemented by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange
・2020-2022: Acquired “National No. 1 in second-hand condominium investment sales performance” for 3 consecutive years at Tokyo Shoko Research
・ 2020, 2021: Selected as the best company in the medium-sized category of the “Great Place to Work (R) Institute Japan Ranking” Details about this release:


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