GANYMEDE Co., Ltd. Concluded a sponsorship agreement with the professional e-sports team “ZETA DIVISION” and Sony’s gaming headset “INZONE (TM)”

Professional e-sports team “ZETA DIVISION” concludes a sponsorship agreement with Sony’s gaming headset “INZONE (TM)”

This time, ZETA DIVISION operated by GANYMEDE Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Daisuke Nishihara) will be provided by Sony Marketing Inc. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Shigeru Kumegawa) and the company. We are pleased to announce that we have signed a sponsorship agreement for the gaming gear “INZONE (TM)” headset series.
The “INZONE” gaming headset series is the latest gaming headset that brings together the best of Sony’s technology, which has led the world’s audio scene. We, ZETA DIVISION, who believe in earnestly competing in competitions, felt a strong sympathy for the creation of a product that generously introduced Sony’s unique technology to seize victory and an unprecedented gaming experience. . Convinced of the magnitude of the synergy that both parties will create, we have concluded a sponsorship agreement as a partner to convey the appeal of the “INZONE” gaming headset series.
ZETA DIVISION will receive the support of “INZONE” in the future, and together we will create a future where gaming culture develops more abundantly.
In addition, with the conclusion of this sponsorship agreement, we will release a review video of the gaming headset “INZONE” featuring Laz from the VALORANT department.
A new era headset that Laz will wrap your tongue!! | INZONE H9 Review
[Video 2:]

About gaming headset “INZONE”
[Image 1d41650-26-2eae279e35869e22bbb2-1.png&s3=41650-26-9db5b99d78e228c2e36bf87b774f8a05-1728x419.png
Sony’s 360 3D sound technology optimized for games achieves excellent sound localization and high resolution. In addition to an immersive experience that makes you feel as if you were in the game world, the ability to accurately detect the opponent’s position and movement from sound gives players the experience of victory. In addition, it is possible to play comfortably for a long time with a headset that enhances comfort by reducing the weight burden and lateral pressure on the head, while also improving the stability of the wearer.
[Image 2d41650-26-3d604a011776e05a6037-0.png&s3=41650-26-162ced52290a9f9a1caf18506c5f597a-1600x400.png
Established in 2018, ZETA DIVISION is a leading brand that establishes a gaming lifestyle and continues to transmit new culture. Enrich gamers and the culture that surrounds them, seek out new creators, and shape the culture of the next generation. We will continue to deliver new styles that are not bound by existing culture, aiming for a future where gaming culture is widely popular and established as a common value.
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