GANYMEDE Co., Ltd. Professional e-sports team “ZETA DIVISION” signs a sponsorship agreement with “JCB”

Professional esports team “ZETA DIVISION” concludes a sponsorship contract with “JCB”

ZETA DIVISION, operated by GANYMEDE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Daisuke Nishihara) has signed a sponsorship agreement with JCB Co., Ltd., which operates and develops the international credit card brand JCB. I will let you know. [Image 1d41650-25-7171f889e68249b769ee-6.jpg&s3=41650-25-f6dcfb7429c616cb352b879a7f94d0b0-1920x1080.jpg
“JCB Co., Ltd.” is a company that operates the only international card brand from Japan. JCB made the decision to go global on its own, overcoming numerous difficulties and now establishing itself as an international credit card brand.
In addition, its high-quality service and sense of trust strongly support the user’s life and sublimate their lifestyle to a richer one. The attitude of taking on challenges from Japan to the world, and the attitude of supporting people’s lifestyles. And as a result of the meeting of the two companies with the same ideals in different fields, this sponsorship contract has been concluded.
As part of the efforts of both companies to take advantage of the conclusion of this sponsorship agreement, we plan to conduct advance sales of fan meeting tickets and goods for JCB brand members. From now on, ZETA DIVISION will receive the support of “JCB Co., Ltd.” and aim for a future that will make its name known to the world and create a new lifestyle.
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Yuta Seki
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About JCB Co., Ltd.
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As the only company that operates an international credit card brand originating in Japan, JCB will develop a network of merchants that accept JCB cards through partnerships not only with major financial institutions around the world, but also with local payment networks and other international payment brands. At the same time, we are expanding the issuance of JCB cards with domestic and overseas partner companies, mainly in Asia. As of the end of March 2022, JCB cards can be used in more than 150 countries and regions, and more than 140 million members in Japan and overseas are using JCB cards.
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Established in 2018, ZETA DIVISION is a leading brand that establishes a gaming lifestyle and continues to transmit new culture. Enrich gamers and the culture that surrounds them, seek out new creators, and shape the culture of the next generation. We will continue to deliver new styles that are not bound by existing culture, aiming for a future where gaming culture is widely popular and established as a common value.

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