Gather! Heisei generation! “Heisei Reuse Association” to Create a New Era in the Reuse Industry!

Gather! Heisei generation! “Heisei Reuse Association” to Create a New Era in the Reuse Industry!
At the same time, an off-party will be held on December 10 as a kick-off event.
NOVASTO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Suita City, Osaka Prefecture; Representative Director: Shuhei Sato) has launched the “Heisei Reuse Association”, a gathering of reuse businesses of the Heisei
generation, as one of the organizing companies.
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MISSION of “Heisei Reuse Club”
Conveying the appeal of reuse to the younger generation,
Increase the number of people entering the reuse industry.
We, the Heisei generation, will lead the reuse industry in the future. I strongly believe that communicating the attractiveness of the industry to more people and increasing the number of young people entering the reuse industry will lead to further development of the reuse industry. The Heisei Reuse Association is working to create an industry full of cool, admired, young and energetic human resources.

Commit to individual growth
In order to create an attractive industry, it is essential to have many attractive industry people. We believe that each person participating in the Heisei Reuse Association commits to “growth”, which will lead to the development of the reuse industry.
Don’t crush the buds of the new generation, pull them up
It is essential for the further development of the industry and new innovation to raise new buds without crushing them. All members support and actively support members who are actively taking on challenges.
Share success stories and connections
The Heisei reuse meeting is a place where “many success stories” gather. Based on the success stories brought by each person, each person brings it back to their company and utilizes it for the growth of their company. We aim to create such a good cycle. In addition, the members who gather at the meeting will interact with each other and create new businesses.
Deal with customers and provide the best service
We want to be a reuse business that provides the best value to customers, not a reuse business that ignores customers. I will work on my business with such thoughts.

About Heisei Reuse Club
In order to create a new era of reuse, four entrepreneurs of the Heisei generation stood up and launched the “Heisei Reuse
Association”. We sincerely look forward to the participation of members of the Heisei generation who want to liven up the industry. ■ Membership conditions
・Belonging to a company that owns an antique dealer or a related company ・Born in the Heisei era (born in 1989 or later)
■ Enrollment fee
・Free *Participation fee for the event is separate
■ Community Details
・ Regular offline exchange meeting
・Invitation to members-only Facebook community
・Online content distribution once a month
■ Homepage

Executive member of Heisei Reuse Association
[Image 2d38267-22-c68d0ece44572d1f5333-1.jpg&s3=38267-22-2d71007e7671a8e7bbb304ab1784e50d-801x801.jpg
Maxus Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Norito Seki
1990 Born in Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
After dropping out of high school, he worked as a ski/snowboard instructor, studied abroad in New Zealand, and worked in real estate sales.
As a Reuse × Tech company, we have in-house web marketing and system development, and have strengths in the IT field. From 2022, we will develop the industry’s first business trip purchase franchise. The goal is 200 stores by 2024.
As an individual, I am active in disseminating information on the second-hand industry on SNS such as Youtube, blogs, and Twitter as “Sekiemon”.
[Image 3d38267-22-1b0121a7b253e05ce52e-2.jpg&s3=38267-22-4824eecc5bcbcdefb2fdb98d0aeef599-800x800.jpg
Representative Director Shuhei Sato
1992 Born in Osaka
Established a company mainly engaged in reuse business and consulting business while obtaining a teacher’s license while studying at Osaka Kyoiku University. After that, he transferred the business and joined Funai Research Institute Co., Ltd. as a new graduate. Gained experience in corporate consulting in the retail EC area. After retirement, established NOVASTO Co., Ltd. and assumed the position of CEO. Developed cloud POS system “ReCORE” for retail and reuse, and flea market / EC centralized management system “Selmore”. Various lectures and seminars, writing a column on recycling communication. [Image 4d38267-22-2938f82958ba9216d949-3.jpg&s3=38267-22-54fd87e05a274bb7e977f4080c2d6359-2606x2606.jpg
Blueprint Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Tomoaki Nakamura
1989 Born in Miyazaki Prefecture.
After graduating from high school, he worked for a listed company for 4 years, and after working for a mobile phone sales company for 1 year, he had a complex about his low educational background, so he established Blueprint in 2014.
Founder of the Heisei Reuse Association, active as a “servant” of Maxus Co., Ltd. “Sekiemon”. As a side business, he directly manages 7 stores that reuse smartphones and has 100 FC stores nationwide. [Image 5d38267-22-8c3f83c1dc5637b8f5ce-4.png&s3=38267-22-8297eda6ee8ce6849a97348c0b60dbd8-533x533.png
Stock Lab Co., Ltd.
Executive Vice President Shun Ota
1990 Born in Nagano prefecture.
After graduating from university, he engaged in Internet advertising operations at GMO, and after consulting at Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting, joined Stock Lab in 2019.
While he had no reuse experience, he learned through buying at flea markets and stores, and is currently in charge of business management and marketing as a deputy representative. Stock Lab is growing rapidly as an emerging reuse company of liquor and branded goods, with strengths in diversity and the digital domain with many members from various industries.

hold an open meeting
As a kick-off event, we will start an off-party.
We are planning to gather about 50 to 100 people related to reuse since the Heisei era.
Please join us.
■ Date and time
Saturday, December 10, 2022 18:00-20:00
■ Location
Chef Tender Gotanda
■ Participation fee
Manager: 8,000 yen (tax included)
General: 5,500 yen (tax included)
Student: 3,000 yen (tax included)
■ Where to apply
●Our company accepts requests for interviews from the media at any time, so please feel free to contact us for more detailed information regarding this matter. ●

Company Profile
Company name: NOVASTO Co., Ltd.
Representative name: Shuhei Sato
Established: October 2016
Location: Daidomon Building 7F, 9-22 Toyotsucho, Suita City, Osaka Prefecture URL:
Business description:
Development of ReCORE, a cloud-based POS system for retail and reuse Development of flea market/EC integrated management system “Selmore” OMO consulting business that connects real stores and EC

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