Geek Guild Co., Ltd. Released web application “my pharmacist” to search for pharmacists

Geek Guild Co., Ltd.
Launched “my pharmacist,” a web app for finding pharmacists
We introduce dispensing pharmacies where reliable pharmacists are available
Kyoto-based AI startup Geek Guild (located in Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto) will release a web application “my pharmacist” that allows patients to find a pharmacist that suits them on Wednesday, November 30th.
My Pharmacist:

[Video 3:]
[Video 4:] ■ Background
“I want to find a pharmacist that suits me
Responding to “I want you to send me medicine”
It is a web application that looks for a pharmacist instead of a pharmacy. You can’t live a healthy life just by curing your illness with medicine. Family pharmacists who can consult about health from eating habits to lifestyle habits are being reviewed.
We would like to introduce you to a pharmacist you can rely on, hoping that all patients will live a healthy and happy life.
■ Site features
(1) Choose from a pharmacist instead of a pharmacy
There are quite a few apps and sites that search for pharmacies by entering the location and location of the pharmacy. If you choose at a pharmacy store, it is difficult to know if you can meet a pharmacist who can talk about your body and health, so “my pharmacist” provides videos and photos of interviews with pharmacists working at pharmacies so that their personality and thoughts can be conveyed. I’m here. (2) You can make an appointment by sending a prescription
You can send an image of your prescription and make an appointment to pick up your medicine at the pharmacy. If you have a prescription sent by fax from the hospital to the pharmacy, you can receive medication instructions online and have the medicine sent to you.
(3) Born from the “Kyoto Pharmacy Project”
In 2020, we started a pharmacy project in Kyoto.
With the spread of corona infection, the wish as a patient to “I want you to deliver medicine to my house”,
In the era of online purchases, the number of small-scale retail stores loved by local communities is decreasing, and this project was started with the desire to create a new retail business model that is required by the community, patients, and pharmacies.
We will expand nationwide and introduce pharmacies nationwide. Kyoto pharmacy project:
■ Site overview
Web application name: my pharmacist
Compatible models: PCs, smartphones, etc. that operate browsers such as Chrome and Safari
Opening date: November 30th (Wednesday)
Usage fee: Free
Operation/Planning: Geek Guild Co., Ltd.
■Company profile
Trade name: Geek Guild Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Shinsuke Hanamura, Miki Bito Location: 310 Kyoto University Katsura Venture Plaza North Building, 1-36 Goryo Ohara, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto 615-8245
Established: June 2018
Business: AI research and development and provision of AI services Capital: 36 million yen

Details about this release:


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